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FICTION: At 34, am not yet married but the worse thing is, I am in love with my little brother | MadNaija

FICTION: At 34, am not yet married but the worse thing is, I am in love with my little brother

My name is Suzanne Abidjat and I was given birth to on 18 July 1986, in Douala. I am 34 years old and my time is fast going, its seems like nature has left me behind all my mate are married and am still here.


While I was growing up I wasn’t opportuned to go to school as my mates were going to school as a child, and I think this is also affecting me in all my ways like not getting a husband, or what do you think.?.

Am not the only one who didn’t have the opportunity to go for education most of my friends are like me but are happily married as it seems, yet am staying with my uncle as old as I am, while my mates are in their husband’s house. He is my guardian who raised me and my little brother Samuel Abiyaté and Uncle Séverin Abiyaté, our parents died since we were children.

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After all these while something strange happened and I don’t know how to go about it, I started having feelings for my little brother, it has been up to one year now and its still there the feeling is not going away. I think I love him and not just a brotherly love its more than that its very intense and I worried about it, I love his personality, love his body, the way he is. I can’t seems to love someone else that is if they even come around. Samuel is still in school, he’s still a student, he will be through with school in two years time. I’ve never dared to confess my love to him, what I feel, knowing that it’s not healthy. I get the feeling in his eyes that he loves me too, I think it because of how close we really are, me and my brother are too close and the kind of condition am in, not having to get a husband is getting me crazy.

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Please pray for me, I want to have a husband who will love me for life instead of falling in love with my little brother Samuel. Yes what I want right now is the extinguishing of this feeling in me. If you can support me, I’m open to any ideas, I’ll appreciate your comments.

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