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Fiction: How A Bank Manager Look Down On A Mad Man Only To Find Out That He Is Worth Over 350K rands | MadNaija

Fiction: How A Bank Manager Look Down On A Mad Man Only To Find Out That He Is Worth Over 350K rands

This madman named Solomon was there, living on a street in Cape Town. Then he went to a bank on a faithful day and all focus was on him entering the long queue at the bank depending on who everyone thought he was (Mad), but sadly, because of his smelling appearance, people turned away from him.


I needed to see the boss he said, and this was really awkward for the cashier, then he screamed for the security officer. So he had an opportunity to see the cashier.

The madman begged that he had to see the bank manager, or he would die.

His comments sounded very odd to the cashier, and he told the security man to take him to see the boss, and the boss was not happy with the security man’s actions, taking a madman into his office.

“The security apologised, saying,” This crazy guy has been here demanding to see you for a long time.

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“The manager then asked the madman what he wanted from him, and he said,” I want to open the account of the Western union.

Wondering what a madman would do with an act, he attempted to scare him away and ordered him to leave his office, but the madman refused, and by then the security guy had left the office unconscious.

He pretended that he went to open it fir him and asked the madman for his acct number with the way things were the manager then applied window, and it was correctly issued.

He then reviewed his balance and saw in his account over 350,000 zar, then gave the madman a chair to sit down.

“The manager was shocked and did not know what to say, he said,” Sir, with due consideration, you are welcome to our bank again, please, sorry for the disrespect of my apology, sir, you have in your account the amount of 350,000 zar.

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The madman gave the bank manager 5000 zar from his account with kindness after they had solved problems and spoke as friends.

The bank manager promptly did all the crazy man called for and opened the Western Union account as well.

Every customer we get him to say “sorry sir for embarrassment” as the mad man left the bank.

I don’t even have up to 250,000 zars in my pocket, the bank manager said to himself, but here’s a madman with 350,000 zars in his pocket.

We should learn to treat all fairly and not judge people by their looks and look. This world is full of mystery.

Let’s learn to treat everyone with dignity, whether all human beings are insane or normal, because we don’t know where our support will come from.

Don’t overrate yourself because, be smart, you’re in a strong place.

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