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Fiction-My mother-in-law instantly died after I killed a snake that I found in my house. | MadNaija

Fiction-My mother-in-law instantly died after I killed a snake that I found in my house.

My name is Promise Ndlovu. Me and my husband we started dating seven years ago and we decided to get married one year ago.We live in Bloemhof,North West.

When we were dating before we got married we understood each other well and when there was a misunderstanding we used to solve it without fighting.We had a good relationship with my mother inlaw.

When I got married to my husband my mother inlaw and I started fighting.She would get angry with me without a reaso.She started hating me.I tried to make her happy but it seems like anything I did was wrong in her eyes.I later gave up on the relationship I had with my mother inlaw.

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Months after I got married we would fight with my husband each and everyday. There was no peace in our home.I then decided to go to my mother-in-law house to seek help because my marriage was falling apart,she blamed me for everything and said that I was the problem.

One night I woke up in the middle of the night wanting to go to the toilet. The moment I opened my eyes I saw a snake between me and my husband.I screamed and took a coke bottle that was next to my bed and I hit thesnake in the had so badly.

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My husband then woke up to go and see if my mother inlaw was alright.She found her dead in the guest room.When we went to a traditional healer he revealed that my mother inlaw was the snake when I was hitting the snake I was actually hitting my mother inlaw.

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