First Conjoined Twins Dr Ben Carson Separated: Learn What Happened To Them After The Surgery

The separation of the Binder twins was the surgery that brought Dr. Ben Carson into limelight. The Binder twins, Patrick and Benjamin Binder were the first conjoined twins(joined at the head) to be separated by Dr Ben Carson. It was this surgery that earned him the title of gifted hands. They were born on February 2, 1987, in Germany and were separated in September 7, 1987 at John Hopkins Children’s Center.

The surgery was performed by Dr Ben Carson. After the surgery they both came out alive but didn’t fare very well.

The boys returned back to their home after spending close to six months in the hospital. They could not do anything or carry out any activity on their own.

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Patrick Binder remained in a coma from 1989 to 2014. He was never able to speak or feed himself. He remained in a vegetative state till he died.

His twin brother, Benjamin Binder has fared better than him. He was able to recover to a reasonable extent, but was never able to speak.

According to an interview with their mother, Therese Binder in 1993, she disclosed that she wouldn’t have allowed the surgery to have taken place in the first place.

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