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Guyz Take Note To Avoid Heart Break Don’t Tell Her These Dark Things | MadNaija
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Guyz Take Note To Avoid Heart Break Don’t Tell Her These Dark Things

To Avoid Heart Break Don’t Tell Her These Dark Things.

That chemical reaction that goes through our spine down then up to our brainand spread to our whole body, heart and mind can make us do alot of dumb stuff you wouldn’t do ordinarily some go as far as murder over relationship related issues while some will reveal essential secret to their lover.

But if you want to leave ablong life without regrets you should never reveal AKA “pillow talk” these things am about to list to your girlfriend

The Background and Secret of Your Family :

it is a bad idea to reveal family secrets to her especially when you are yet to be married even if you’re married you shouldn’t reveal some vital secrets to her because married people do divorce each other and not only that every human being whether man or woman got a price she might reveal your secret to your enemy for the right price.

Don’t Tell Her About A Woman You Admire : despite how much in loe you are with a lady don’t you ever reveal to her a lady you admire whether it is a celebrity or a woman at your place of work, church or anywhere at all , she might get jealous and think you are cheating on her and that may lead to her nagging unnecessarily and also causing you stress in the relationship which may end the relationship.

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Don’t Tell Her Your Friends and Family Bad Opinions About Her: she will develop hatred for your family members and may not even want to see your friends and family members around when that happens it’s either you choose your family and friends or her, when this happens you might lose them all because she may fight them which will surely lead to break up from both sides, you are the middle man you have all to lose.

Don’t Tell Her About Your Ex : whether you want to talk about how good your ex was on the bed, in the kitchen or her lifestyle entirely just keep that to yourself don’t compare her with your ex right in front of her because that might lead to an emotional war inside of her which will make her feel like she is competing with someone, When that happens it may end the wrong way which may hurt you.

Don’t Tell Her How Much You Really Make : when you tell her your total income in a month she might start to demand a lot from you and if you can’t fulfil that then she assumes you don’t really love her or you are cheating on her and that may lead to tragic stuff we read in the news example: stabbing and food poisoning.

Don’t Involve Her In Family Issues : The money moves you make in your familiy issues stays with you and your family don’t involve her in it because you may help your family with certain amount of money that she may feel it’s too much, then she may think you are only focused on your family members and not her.

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This few tips and the ones you have in your mind will help you avoid heart breaks

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