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The Holy Quran Called Jesus Word Of God, Spirit Of God And The Messiah to Save the World, (Check) | MadNaija

The Holy Quran Called Jesus Word Of God, Spirit Of God And The Messiah to Save the World, (Check)

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The Holy Quran Called Jesus Word Of God, Spirit Of God And The Messiah to Save the World, (Check)

The Holy Quran is a book that has been in existence for many years. It is a book from Allah to the Muslim families all over the world.


The Quran is romanized Qur’an or Koran, It is the religious text of Islam which is widely regarded as the finest work in classical Arabic literature.

According to research, The Holy Quran is a compilation of the verbal revelations given to the Holy Prophet Muhammad(sa) over a period of twenty three years.

Subsequently, ‘The Bible’, is another related literature but pertains to the Christians. It talks about Jesus Christ being the Way, The Truth And Life. He is known as the only begotten son of God and the Messiah.

The Bible explains that he was crucified for the sins of the world; he resurrected after three days and he will come again to take those that believe in him. The book of John 1 vs 12 says, “To all who believe in him, he gave them power to become God’s children’.

The two books are written with lots of differences; the Bible is contrary to the Holy Quran as it says nothing about Prophet Mohammad and his laws.

However, The Holy Quran repeats many ideas in the Bible. And one would ask;

Why would the Holy Quran talk about Jesus when the Bible says nothing about Prophet Mohammad?

Why the preferences on Jesus Christ and his family, why does the Quran admit that he is the word of God, The Messiah and The spirit of God.

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However, If Jesus is what the Holy Quran describes him as, then he deserves to earn so much respect as to that regards. The Holy Quran says further that Jesus made a live bird from mud; Jesus cured the blind; he gave life to dead people; he died and resurrected, he is alive and he will come again.

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These statements is worth pondering on because as regards Prophet Mohammed, he never did many if those things Jesus Christ did, he died and the Quran said he never resurrected.

What then could be the reason the Holy Quran is telling the world about Jesus? These statements from the Holy Quran are also of great similarities to the statements in the Bible.

Let’s Look At The Verses In The Holy Quran And Qur’an’s declaration about Jesus

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The Qur’an declares many wonderful things about the prophet Jesus.

Three surahs (or chapters) references Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is talked about in fifteen (15) chapters (ninety-three verses) altogether, more than any other person in the entire Qur’an.

One would keep asking the question, why?

The Qur’an teaches that Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead (3:49; 5:113),

He was born of the virgin Mary (3:45-47; 23:50; 19:16-22),

He Brought the gospel to the Jewish people (3:49-51; 13:38), and was an apostle and prophet of God (3:49; 6:85-90).

In the Qur’an, Jesus alone is supported by the Holy Spirit (2:87, 253).

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Jesus alone is called “the Word of God” (3:45; 4:171) and “the Messiah” (“Christ,” 3:45; 4:157, 172, etc).

Backing up this article with the aforementioned chapters and verses from the Holy Quran, one could be curious to know the reasons why Jesus is given much preferences in the Qur’an than Prophet Mohammad.

Emmanuel Bob, (a pagan) asked: “Could it be that the Quran is trying to reveal to the world the reason to follow Jesus Christ.”

Idris Mustapha puzzled: “Should the Christians and Muslims be regarded as one Or could it be a mere historical story?” He asked.

Nevertheless, It is believed that the first support for a child is education. After education, it is believed a child is learned. He or she can read, write, and make decisions without being compelled to. He also can be able to discern the right from the wrongs. To discover the truth as a learned person, we advise people to study the two historical books appropriately before judgement. Who knows, the truth could be hidden in one of the twos or both.

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Hence, let our religious differences not bring chaos, hatred, war to innocent human beings that were born without knowing.

Drop your comments and share as we keep pondering on this unknown reasons.

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