Inter-state Lockdown And School Closure: Why FG Should Not Change Its Decision

Everyone knows about the compulsory lockdown placed on schools and inter-state movements which has been ongoing for about three months now.

This lockdown which was also placed on many other sectors of the economy was a little bit relaxed in some sectors by the Federal Government after careful consideration and advice from the NCDC.


However, the lockdown on schools and inter-state movement remains functional despite the easing down of the lockdown on churches, banks, and other institutions.

Road users and students alike have been highly expectant about the announcement of the easing of lockdown on schools and inter-state travel but here are reasons why I feel the Federal Government should not change its decision on the lockdown of these two sectors anytime soon:

1. There Is No Working Vaccine Yet

.It would be very risky to allow inter-state movements and let schools resume when there is no available vaccine to counter the virus currently shaking the foundations of the world. Allowing children go back to school would be certain suicide because even with adults, it is difficult to adhere to necessary safety precautions not to talk about getting children to cooperate with the said safety precautions.

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2. Number Of Confirmed Cases Is Still Rising


With the number of confirmed cases still rising, it would be unwise to suspend the lockdown on inter-state travel and schools. Those two sectors control a large amount of the population and it would be difficult to keep track of the virus in such environments.

3. Nigerians Are Stubborn

.Truth be told, many Nigerians still do not believe that the virus is real despite several  evidence presented by the NCDC. Many people still do not use face masks and they go against most safety rules without remorse.

The FG only eased the lockdown on sectors which they feel are very essential, that decision should be respected.

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Letting students go back to school and people move inter-state would be a field day for the Coronavirus.

What are your thoughts?

.– Do you feel schools and inter-state travel are as important as banks, churches, and other reopened sectors?

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