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JUST IN! School Re-opening Could Be Delayed Following The Latest Move By The Ministry of Education | MadNaija

JUST IN! School Re-opening Could Be Delayed Following The Latest Move By The Ministry of Education

Schools have been on closure for the past 6 months following the spread of coronavirus in the country. The government suspended face-to-face learning in indefinitely to help curb the spread even further. This has affected and distrupted the academic calendar for schools. The schools affected are primary schools, secondary schools and also universities. The government has been urged by parents teachers and students to reopen schools.


The government through the ministry of Education stated that schools are likely to reopen sooner than expected following the decline in COVID-19 infections. This was said by the cabinet secretary of education Prof. George Magoha while speaking to the press at KICD. The cabinet secretary stated that a major stakeholders meeting is said to be held on 25th of this month to decide the fate of school reopening.

However, school reopening has faced a blow following the latest Move by the ministry of Education. This is after the ministry released a 50-page document . This document consists of strict and tough conditions and guidelines for school reopening. The PS of education Bello kipsang stated that no school will reopen without adhering to the guidelines given.

Some of the guidelines that are considered to be tough and a likely not going to be met by the schools before reopening. Part of the document outlining some of the guidelines follows below.

Part of the document read according to The Star, “All learning institutions should have adequate, clean and well maintained toilets at a ratio of 1 door to 25 girls and 1 door to 30 boys with a urinal. Toilets should be disinfected three times a day.”

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The ministry the document added, “Availability of water remains crucial to support personal hygiene including drinking and handwashing with soap as a key preventive measure. Water should also be available for regular cleaning, laundry and other purposes.”

These conditions are unlikely to be met and will definitely delay school re-opening. Schools infrastructure is not up to the standards and water is not available frequently in most schools. Going by Education PS Belio Kipsang’s sentiments, most schools are likely not to reopen.

PS Belio Kipsang concluded according to the document, “Any institution that does not implement these guidelines on social distancing and hygiene protocols as outlined to ensure safety and health of learners, trainees and staff will not be allowed to provide education services until when the necessary plans are put in place.”


What are you views and opinions about these guidelines? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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