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If You Keep Eating Foods That Contain Much Sugar, These 6 Things Will Happen To You | MadNaija

If You Keep Eating Foods That Contain Much Sugar, These 6 Things Will Happen To You

Sugars are usually found in the tissues of most plants. Honey and fruits are abundant natural sources of simple sugars.


We have all come across sugar at some point in our lives, be it granulated or regular sugar. They are in our foods and drinks like cakes, soft drinks, bread, yam, etc.

Our body needs sugar, especially our brains, to function correctly. These needs are moderate, and you should not take them excessively.

Let us see the six things that will happen to you if you keep overeating sugar.

Weight Gain

It is one of the most evident signs of high-level sugar consumption. You begin to add some extra pounds, especially around your stomach area and waistlines.

Have it in mind that you are already on your way to obesity if you continue with too much sugar intake.

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Tooth Decay

It is another clear sign of a high intake of sugar. Tooth decay is no fun. Tooth decay/ cavities are permanently damaged areas in your teeth’ hard surface that develop into tiny openings or holes.

Regular snacking, sugary drinks cause them, and poor teeth cleaning. You have to cut down, if not totally on your sugary intake.

Regular Colds & Flu

Sounds strange, right? I mean, what exactly could be the relationship between sugar and cold? Alright, read on. From research published in Frontiers in Immunology in 2017, high sugar intake can subdue the immune system, especially when fighting viral infections.

Cold and flu are viral infections. So when you observe that you are getting too much cold and flu over time, I think it’s best you take a blood sugar level test or a Glucose test.

Constant Bloat Feeling

Bloating and gas start from your large intestine(colon), which is home to a large no of harmless bacteria that help break down incoming food.

When certain types of foods like sugar that haven’t been wholly digested reach this large intestine, the bacteria eat the undigested food particles, a process called Fermentation.

It creates gas in the form of carbon dioxide, which causes you all those uncomfortable bloat and gas feelings.

Regular Skin Breakouts

It means that a sugar diet is associated with a higher risk of skin-related issues such as acne flare-ups. If no medical treatment seems to work on your skin, try changing your dieting habits.

See to it that you consume fewer foods with a high content of added sugars.

Unstable Body Energy Levels

Foods with a high level of added sugars cause a quick rise in blood sugar, leading to increased energy. A sharp drop almost immediately follows this in blood sugar level.

It explains the reason why you feel so full of strength this minute, and then too tired the next minute.

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To cut down on your sugar intake, you need to consciously;

1. Avoid processed foods and drinks.

2. Reduce foods with added sugars.

3. Check food labels for sweeteners.

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