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How Do You know When Women Are Pretending To Like You Even If They Don’t Do? Check it out | MadNaija
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How Do You know When Women Are Pretending To Like You Even If They Don’t Do? Check it out

How do you know when women are pretending to like you even if they don’t like you?


When pure intuition fails us, our mental knowledge is the use of scientific knowledge and the examination of universal language: body language. A lot of people come out empty handed and say they hate you. Well, I mean, maybe you’ve conspired with Kindergartener or someone you really do not like.

1. The woman who completely stops calling us, doesn’t even want to hear from you.

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2. A woman who acts lovingly does not have time to submit herself to you because she tells you something very important.

3. When you call her on the internet, she will not take your call and even if she does take your call, she will tell you that she is busy and she will call you back later.

4. She will instantly get angry with you if you make a very small mistake.

5. If a woman calls you when she needs money or other things, it means she does not like you, but she will only deal with these needs.

6. She will never apologize to you if you go crazy one day.

7. She will leave you immediately when you have financial problems.

8. She never has time to respond or respond to your SMS.

9. She never wants to spend an hour on your side with jealousy.

10. She talks on the internet, Facebook and WhatsApp without thinking about you

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