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Ladies, Check Out These Tips That Will Help You Get Money From Your Man Without Being Tagged Cheap. | MadNaija

Ladies, Check Out These Tips That Will Help You Get Money From Your Man Without Being Tagged Cheap.

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As the popular saying goes, The love of money is the root of all evil. Money is important to relationships as much as it is important to every other aspects of our lives. If one is not careful, a very good relationship might end based on financial issues. Love should also involve giving because if you don’t love, then you can’t give and vice verse.

There has been a popular belief that ladies do not have any other thing to offer in relationships aside sex. This has made those who believe that saying always demand money in exchange for their body when they are in relationships.

So today, I am going to be sharing tips on how you as a lady can easily get money from the man you love without appearing cheap or desperate.

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The first tip is to not ask him for money. Yes, you heard me right. Don’t use him as a money-making machine as this will reduce your value in his eyes. As a woman, you should be financially independent to an extent of settling your bills. Don’t ask him for urgent 2k and don’t ask him to sub for you. Please learn a skill or start a business. This will increase your value in his eyes. It will also make you happy.

The second tip is to get him a gift. The holy book says that a man’s gift maketh way for him. So no matter how little, try and give your man something too. It’s the thought that counts. This singular act will make him want to move heaven and earth for you. At this point, you can then ask from him and he will be willing to give you as much as he can. Please note that this does not apply to stingy men.

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Thirdly, please do not make it a habit of asking every time from him. This will make your value in his eyes to diminish. Also, appreciate him very well when he gives you anything. This will increase his love for you.

Hope you find these tips helpful. Say Yay if you agree with me and say nay if you disagree.

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