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Ladies Please Note: See Why You Should Stop Online Dating | MadNaija

Ladies Please Note: See Why You Should Stop Online Dating

Ladies, Please Note: See Why You Should Stop Online dating

With more than 40 million adults using online dating today, and perhaps one in five of all romantic relationships beginning online, it pays to be mindful when seeking love over the internet.

Research by the Pew Charitable trust suggests that five percent of all existing marriages and long-term relationships began online. Nearly three in five people say going online is a good way to find a relationship, up by more than 30 percent in the last ten years.

Dating sites and apps offer opportunities to:

1. Meet people outside your circle whom you might never meet otherwise.

2. Reduce social isolation.

3. Compare available people and, in so doing, refine your ideas about what you are seeking.

4. Efficiently find people with characteristics and qualities you desire.

5. Grow and learn about yourself in the process


6. Find a compatible long-term partner

The stigma of seeking love online has largely evaporated as millions of Nigerians have formed healthy relationships that began online.

At the same time, online dating carries some risks, here are some of the risks you may encounter:

1. Dishonest, even predatory people

2. People who may be clueless about why they are online or not transparent about what they are seeking

3. People who misrepresent themselves

4. Insensitive or flaky people

5. Disappointment and rejection

6. Time and money down the drain

Recently the issue of online dating scams is becoming increasingly rampant especially in Nigeria,

Now let take a look at a marriage that got broke at the alter in Akwa Ibom state as a result of online dating scams.

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The husband to be lied to the bride to be that he works in an oil and gas company (Chevron), the lady was really happy about his job. Later they planned to get married, after a long preparation they finally met.

On the wedding day, something happened as the bride to be finally discovered that her husband to lie to her as he’s not working in the said company.


Painful enough at the alter she changed her mind from “I do to I don’t” unfortunately this is showing people the disadvantages of online dating.

The runaway bride is seen in this photo dashed out of her Church wedding service in Akwa Ibom in Nigeria at the Weekend after she discovered her groom-to-be wasn’t a Chevron staff as he had self-proclaimed on his Social media.

Below is how a Facebook user shared the story:

“The Running Bride Cancelled Her Wedding On Discovering Her Man Isn’t A Chevron Staff.”

The bride just discovered on the wedding morning that her husband-to-be was not A CHEVRON STAFF. See post below:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Badoo, etc all said he was a Chevron staff, but the truth was revealed that he was not working in the said company.

See more photos below:


Please always be yourself don’t pretend to be what you are not, it may ruin your life and your personality.

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