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Lady Allegedly Urinates On Her Pants After Getting Drunk (Photo) | MadNaija

Lady Allegedly Urinates On Her Pants After Getting Drunk (Photo)

A young lady has disgraced herself and her family by urinating on her panties after getting drunk. The lady was said to have consumed so much alcohol on Christmas day that she urinated on her panties and her trousers.


She lay on the bare floor as people make a mockery of her. Even little children around made so much jest of her. Many women expressed disdain on her immaturity and called her a disgrace to womanhood.

In another story, a woman was seen rolling on the bare floor near a dog after taking so many liquors. It seems that women are now entering into a drinking competition with their male counterparts. Before women criticized men for always getting drunk, now it appears that women are now getting more drunk than their male counterparts. One of the drunk women even removed her clothes after getting drunk. It was indeed a show of shame, a bunch of disgrace.

Recall that on Christmas day also, a lady was pushed to her husband’s house inside a Wheelbarrow after getting drunk. The woman is also married with kids. She got drunk in a bar and fell asleep, it was the generous bartender that used an old Wheelbarrow to pushed her home to her husband as she dangles inside the Wheelbarrow.

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