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The lady hit the top trend list after she taught men how to approach a woman | MadNaija

The lady hit the top trend list after she taught men how to approach a woman

A lady is trending on Twitter after she gave men a piece of advice on how to know if a girl is falling for you. The naked truth is that nowadays men are all about flaunting, and impressing women with their assets and their features.


Nowadays men don’t even know how to court a girl the only thing they are good at is hiding behind their cellphones.

The woman who goes by the name of Mabatho on Twitter decided to teach men a little about them (Women), this woman offered men advice and tips on how to tell if you will win a girl or not. According to this lady as a man, you don’t have to work very hard for a girl to fall in love with you. This lady went on to reveal that you can do absolutely everything but if a girl doesn’t like you there is no way you could make her change her mind.

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What this lady was basically teaching men is that you can’t bribe love “I can tell you there’s no right or wrong approach, guys can say ” Halla mfethu, she will if sweet” says this woman schooling men about women and the way they think.

People were so entertained the comments were keep flooding in “Even if you take her to buy skopas she’s going to see that as romantic” says a Twitter user who is vouching for this lady.

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