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Lady Kills Her Mother And Cooks Her Because A Prophet Told Her She Is a Witch | MadNaija

Lady Kills Her Mother And Cooks Her Because A Prophet Told Her She Is a Witch

Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard about the news coming out of Ikot Ekpene in Akwa Ibom state,personally, it is the most horrible news I have heard this year,a lady killed her mother and cooked her because a prophet told her that her mother is a witch,the story was shared by a Facebook user named Mary Mathias


The lady surrounded by villagers

According to one of our sources,it was reported that the lady in question is mentally unstable,hence when the so called prophet prophesied to her that her mother is the source of her problems,she overreacted by killing her mother,dismembering her body and cooked her parts,opera laws won’t permit me to upload the images,it is the most horrible images I have seen this year,I wonder why a daughter will be so cruel to her own mother,indeed these are signs of the end times.

The killer being whisked away to a waiting police van

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Continuing the story,the neighbours of the said lady noticed an unusual stench coming out of the house of the lady,days passed,the odour became so unbearable that they alerted the police who immediately swung into action,the police forced their way into her room,lo and behold,the parts of the mother was littered everywhere in the house,the intestines were placed in one corner,her legs and hands in another corner,she arranged the whole stuff as if she once worked in a cattle slaughter market,wonders indeed shall never end!!!

The lady carrying her mother’s dismembered body

I don’t know if the mother does not have other children,I have been wondering how your mother will go missing for days without the other children organizing a search for her,another question I have been asking myself is this,did the lady kill the mother in her own apartment?and how did she do so without the notice of neighbours around,too many questions remain unanswered

To make sure justice takes its full course,the so called prophet ought to be arrested too,from all indications,the mentally unstable lady did not regret her actions at all as she wore a wry smile all through the interrogation, she must be pleased that she committed her assignment before the police intervened,this world is indeed a wicked place

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