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I Left My Broke Boyfriend, Later He Was Signed Into A Big Club In Europe - Guys Help Me Beg Him | MadNaija

I Left My Broke Boyfriend, Later He Was Signed Into A Big Club In Europe – Guys Help Me Beg Him

I Left My Broke Boyfriend, Later He Was Signed Into A Big Club In Europe – Guys Help Me Beg Him

Have you ever made a decision that turned out to be the worst decision of your life? Before you answer, I want you to know that your own is a joke compared to mine. Wait till you hear my story.

Chidi and I have been lovers since we were in junior secondary school 3. Back then when we were in secondary school, Chidi was the best footballer in all the secondary schools in the city of Ibadan. Every time there was an inter-school football tournament, our team always won and Chidi has always voted the best player of the tournament. His mentor was Ronaldinho and he played almost exactly like the legendary Brazilian.


The first time I met Chidi was in JSS 2 when he scored 5 goals against my former school’s football team. It was actually because of this, that I lied to my parents and convinced them to change my school so I could go to his school. Everyone who knew him could tell that this boy was going places.

We became love birds in JSS 3 and our love thrived like a wildfire. When we finished secondary school, Chidi didn’t want to further his studies. He wanted to play football professionally. I went straight to University and after four years I was done. And guess what, Chidi was still in the streets, playing football with jobless boys.

All this while we were still lovers and I always supported and tried to motivate him to never give up. But, I won’t lie to you. He was getting old and the opportunity to move abroad seemed like it was never coming.

I had successful young men asking me out, some promising me marriage. My friends called me foolish for still being with a broke jobless guy when I could have a Prince if I wanted to. At first, I didn’t let their words get to me. But over time, it felt like they were right.

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Chidi refused to learn a trade, he refused all my advice to maybe change his dream. At 27 years old, he was still living with his parents and asking them for money for every single thing he needed. All of these made me decide for myself. I broke up with him. Can you blame me?

He cried when I told him that I wasn’t doing anymore. He swore on his life that he’ll be a successful player and begged me to believe in him. But I couldn’t, time was running out. My younger sister who is only 23 just got happily married last week. I had made up my mind and It crushed him.

Three weeks later, I got a call from Ebuka. Ebuka was Chidi’s younger brother and we were very very close. He was like my younger brother too. He told me Chidi is in Europe. He got signed by a football club who will now be paying Chidi one hundred thousand pounds every week. I was shocked. I couldn’t say anything.

After I calmed down, I tried calling Chidi but he had changed his number. I begged Ebuka to help me call him but Ebuka told me Chidi said he doesn’t ever want to speak with me. He said I was dead to him.


Please, having read my story, didn’t you see that it was not my fault? I didn’t mean to hurt him. I still love him. Please I need your help to beg him for me. I can’t lose the love of my life like this. Not after all that, we have been through. I have been crying nonstop since I heard what he said. I look like a madwoman now.

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