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Love Or Madness: See Photos That A 20 Year-old Girl Shared That Got People Talking (Screenshots) | MadNaija

Love Or Madness: See Photos That A 20 Year-old Girl Shared That Got People Talking (Screenshots)

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Love Or Madness: See Photos That A 20-Year-old Girl Shared That Got People Talking (Screenshots)



An adage says ” Cut your coat according to your size” but it seems alot of men has neglected such a parable that applies to all ramifications of life rather they choose to do the things that please them despite knowing very well it is not properly right.

controversial pictures of this little girl that is not up to 18 years marrying a man that is old enough to be her grandfather has surface around the social media and his making alot of people wonder the can of World we are now.

The photos caught the maximum attentions of social media users especially Facebook users, some of them were left in a state of perplexity having not other options that to congratulate them for the successful wedding they had.

One out of the Photos revealing the moment the groom was feeding the bride.


Another Photo revealing their moment got people in puzzlement, it’s so difficult to understand what that old man was doing beneath the chair.

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Below are some reactions by social media users;


What can you say to this?

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