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How To Make Your Ex Regret Losing You And Want To Come Back | MadNaija

How To Make Your Ex Regret Losing You And Want To Come Back

How To Make Your Ex- Regret Losing You And Want To Come Back


Heartbreaks can be very difficult to handle. For some people whose hearts have been broken and had their relationships destroyed, they may not have been at fault. In fact, they ma have done everything right, stayed true and faithful to their partners, but still got their hearts broken. 

Moving on is definitely easier said than done! There have been stories of people who committed suicide because they were jilted by an ex, and others who dropped out of school and lost their jobs because their partner failed to recognize the value in them. A friend of mine, a man who is faithful to the core, very committed, hardworking and God-fearing, almost lost his job recently because his girlfriend of two years just broke up with him overnight.

Stories like these are endless.


However, if your ex unfairly treated you and left you, I am happy to tell you that there are ways to make them regret losing you. They will literally almost come to beg you to come back!

Here are seven ways:

1. Go out and have fun with the opposite sex

Your ex is probably thinking that since they left your life, you will be unable to move on and that you will be sad and depressed. Even if you are sad, do not show it. Intentionally plan dinner hangouts with your friends, preferably friends of the opposite sex. Go out, have fun, party hard, enjoy your life. Make them feel like you are not losing: and do not do it to show them that, do it because you want to enjoy life to the fullest!

2. Use social media to your advantage

Instead of going on twitter or your whatsapp status to throw shades at your ex, rather, use the platforms to spit out positive vibes only. Hanging out with friends? Post it there. Having fun? Post it there! Got a new job or a new house? Post it there! Travelled to a new place or country, put it there. Got a new partner, or you got engaged? Put it there o! Make them realize that leaving you was an answered prayer. The truth is, it actually was, because they did not value you enough to stick with you.

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3. Do not stalk them


In some cases, it may be advisable to delete their contacts and get rid of them, but when you cannot do that, it is totally fine to keep the contacts but do not stalk them. When they post stuff on social media, ignore it. When they call you, do not answer. Become so scarce, that they have to work hard to get your attention. One principle of economics is that SCARCITY CREATES VALUE. The goal of these tactics is to make them realize the immense value that they just walked out on.

4. Pray for God to bless you

When you are blessed beyond measure, your ex will look at you and regret why they ever let you go. For instance, as a guy, if your girl left you for a rich guy because you are a graduate who is still looking for a job, do not worry yourself. Do all of these tips and pray earnestly for God to bless you. When you are blessed and working well, she will see you and regret why she let you be.

Truth be told, even when she leaves for a richer guy, she will still be looking over her shoulders to see if you amount to anything. Bro, blow her mind!

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5. Move on

The best way to get them to regret losing you is to actually move on. They may think that they were so important in your life and that you will come running back. Well, don’t just keep moving on.

6. Improve yourself


If you remain in the state in which your ex left you, they will never want to come back, talk more of regretting leaving you alone. So take your life in your hands and improve your shortcomings. Whatever issues you had in the past that maybe contributed to your breakup, deal with them. When they see you no longer have those issues, they will regret losing you.

7. Find new ambitions: Create new memories

You really need to go out there and create new memories. Find new ambitions, get a new hobby, volunteer. Do something new and unique. Create new memories for yourself.

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you learned a thing or two. Do you have more comments and tips? Please leave them in the comments section below. I’d like to read from you!

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