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Man Don Kill Snake Wey Bite Him Padi Con Run, Village Belief Bring Di Snake Back | MadNaija

Man Don Kill Snake Wey Bite Him Padi Con Run, Village Belief Bring Di Snake Back

One man kill snake and con run go social media to yarn about am. See wetin he yarn:

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I dey think say na crime for snakes to bite humans and we dey kill am in self defense, even if e go take seven days to do am.

Seven days ago snake bin bite one of my neighbours, while he dey chillax on one set of blocks wey dey outside di compound, as he bin wan stand up from wia he dey sit on for at least 15 minutes, when di wicked small snake bin strike him hand. “Dem rush am to him village shapaly wia dey rub some herbs on him hands(di place of di woundjury), and small palm fronds wey dey tie for him hand, I gats say he bin recova shapaly, I no know how poisonous di particular snake is, but him hand bin swell.

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As di superstition dey for dia village, when snake bite one member of di village and di pesin take dos herbs and in seven days if di snake still dey alive e go come back to di victim dormot or di place of incident and thereafta dem go kill di snake, I no know how true e be but di snake right here for di pinshure we put for dis tori, we bin kill am for our staircase just two feet to di said neighbour apartment dis morning . Yestade bin make am di seventh day di snake bite am, he bin no dey around to identify if dis na truly di snake wey bite am.

Anyway dia you go. Shey you think say na di village pipu belief naim make dem kill di snake? Abeg tell us for comment sections

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