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Meet 2 Nigerian Ladies That Were Killed By Their Facebook Friends (Photos) | MadNaija

Meet 2 Nigerian Ladies That Were Killed By Their Facebook Friends (Photos)

In this article, Brightreporter reviews two phenomenal Nigerian ladies that were killed by their Facebook mates.

Online media is a huge area. Regardless of the way that it may seem, by all accounts, to be fun, you ought to be mindful since specific people there are fakes.

1. Charity Chidebere Aiyedogbon (44 Years Old)

Until her agonizing passing, she was a renowned cash chief in Abuja. She vanished on the ninth of May 2016 and for longer than a year her whereabouts remained an enigma.

Her purpose’s case was represented to the Gwarimpa Police Division in Abuja and assessment started. she estranged life partner David was later accused by a lawful advisor for being related to her disappearing. In any case, no genuine confirmation could be found to include him. David consumed no ideal occasion to sue the legitimate guide for censuring.

Following a long time of Investigation, the terrible truth was finally out in the open as the valiant specialists of the Nigerian Police Force caught a 27-year-older individual perceived as Paul Ezeugo who later confessed to executing her. He was caught near to his friend who was his extra.

As demonstrated by Paul, he met Charity on Facebook and they dated for a year. In any case, excitement took the better bit of me as he murdered her and endeavored to vanish with her car and various properties.

Admitting to the police, He said;

“I plan destinations for a living; I was living with my uncle in Abuja when I met her online On that day (May 9), I went out with her and we drank and she dosed off, so we passed on her from the house to where we killed her.”

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Exactly when Asked why he Killed her, he expressed:

“It was the devil and unquenchably. I was intending to get her car. I dated her for one year yet she didn’t give me anything, she uncovered to me she was separated from the someone when we met.”

His friend, Adogah moreover conceded that he helped his colleague in passing on her into the car.

2. Cynthia Osokogu (24 Years Old)

Until her awful downfall in 2012, She was a post-graduate understudy at Nasarawa State University. She was the last child and only a young lady of her people surrendered major-general Frank and Joy Osokogu. In case she was alive today, she probably would have been hitched with kids, anyway, sadly she was murdered by her online buddies.

As demonstrated by reports, She, gone from Abuja to Lagos to meet her friends on Facebook, who revealed to her that they had a key understanding for her. Upon appearance, Her drink was cured and she was tied up, misused, and gagged while her killers carted away her resources.

A large portion of a month later one of the wrongdoers incidentally tended to a methodology her phone. The call was trailed by the police to Festac. After many assessments, her dead body was followed to the memorial service home.

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Judgment concerning the crime continued with which provoked the catch of Ezike Olisaeloka and Okwuno Nwabufor, 33; both of whom were recognized as her mates on Facebook. The two men confessed to having executed her.

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In 2017, Cynthia’s Killers Okwumo Nwabufo, 44, and Olisaeloka Ezike, 23 were sentenced to death by hanging by a Lagos high court.

The records of the two women should fill in as a notification to every woman through electronic media. Be keen! Make an effort not to be a loss.

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