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Meet The 3 Wise Men That Left Synagogue Church And What They All Said About Prophet TB Joshua. | MadNaija

Meet The 3 Wise Men That Left Synagogue Church And What They All Said About Prophet TB Joshua.

Prophet TB Joshua who is the founder of the Synagogue Church Of All Nation is a wonderful man of God, he has trained lots of wise men and some of them are doing well in their own ministry. In this article we will be looking at three wise men who has left the Synagogue Church Of All Nation, and what they have to say about Prophet TB Joshua.



Wise Man Johnchi who is now popularly known as Apostle Johnchi.

In one of the viral videos that was uploaded on Facebook and other social media platforms, Wise Man Johnchi has a lot to say about the prophet.

‘There is no way for the shoulder to rise taller than the head, news broke out that me and prophet TB Joshua has problem but I want to let you all know that the both of us are doing very well, and he will always be my master, we don’t have any problem and will always be my Spiritual Father.”

Johnchi also played a voice recording where he and TB Joshua was having a friendly discussion in the video to prove to everyone there they are okay. He said TB Joshua has given him lots of advice that has changed some things about his life. He said that TB Joshua made him what he is and he will always be grateful.

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Wise man Daniel

In a video that was posted on YouTube he said

‘It is an abomination to bite the finger that fed you and I will never do that, it is because of TB Joshua that I am who I am today will always be grateful. I and my family will always respect and love him”.



Wise man Christopher Orji.

Christopher Orji who is now popularly known as Pastor Christopher, has also spoke about prophet TB Joshua in a YouTube video, he said

‘In the ministry of God there is nothing like Superstar, some came because they are ready to do the right thing but some came to destroy what God has build, because they want to be seen as a superstar.


Why are you trying to create confusion in the ministry of God, why can’t you sent your servant to and finish them. Going over to another location or places does not mean that you are a devil. When Jesus came a lot of John The Baptist apostles followed him and he never said go back to your master and stay with him forever. They had recognized themselves. You don’t consult God before making decisions, and you make decisions for financial purposes”

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What word do you have for these wise men?

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