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Meet The Boy who caught police Tear Gas with his hands and threw it back did it because he wasn't afraid. | MadNaija

Meet The Boy who caught police Tear Gas with his hands and threw it back did it because he wasn’t afraid.

After the protests yesterday a picture of a man who stood firm amidst the warning signal by the Nigeria Police force.

While others were running back towards safety, this young brave man stood his ground catching the tear gas that was thrown towards him.

Many people could not stop praising the young man for having such a will in the face of danger, he was described as the third hero after Aisha Yesufu and Rinu the female leaders who we will always remember for leading men and women of our generation towards a fight they were ready to die for.

See the photos below.

Reacting to the pictures above, see how many Nigeria’s praised the young man.

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@tollyjems “I hope he’s doing fine though, has anybody heard from him after the protest? He sure is a Hero and has proven that Aside from Oud and kaftan Abuja guys can have coconut head in front of danger too. We stan guys like him. #SARSMUSTEND.”

@Pasidon “Anyone who risked his or her life to come out at all to protest has got all the boldness and liver needed. They are our heroes.”

@Rosnaija “Great to see Nigerian youths finally standing up against incessant brutality, shows the day of reckoning is lurking around for the looters of our commonwealth who parade around as leaders. The revolution will be televised.”

@woody_koje “Get a plastic bowl or cup ready, Wear a cloth hand glove Wear cloth mask or hold breath, When u see teargas cover with the bowl then ready to pick up and throw it back at the police. They don’t have gas-masked for all their staff that’s if any even has one. #EndPoliceBrutality.”

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I don’t know how many of you feel about what this young man has done, the bravely he shown during the protests, risking his life for this fight. I’ll always remember this picture tagged together with Aisha Yesufu and Rinu.

Well, there would be another protest today in Port Harcourt, Enugu and some states in Nigeria, it will he wise if any Nigeria who will be joining the protests, to stay calm and peaceful. To avoid stories that touch.

May God bless the Republic of Nigeria.

What are your thoughts about this, drop your comment in the comments section below.

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