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Men Who Use To Touch Women On A First Visit, Should Take Note Of This Information | MadNaija

Men Who Use To Touch Women On A First Visit, Should Take Note Of This Information

Men Who Use To Touch women On a First Visit, Should Take Note Of This Information.

Welcome to this page, if you have not being following this page of recent you must have been missing interesting topics. However, I welcome you once more to this page. Today we will be discussing on men who has formed the habit of touching a girl on a first date. As you pay absolute attention, I believe you will learn something.

It has been observed that most men after meeting with a girl, they will request, and plead with the girl to pay them a visit. And girls being so simple, clear conscience and otherwise. The girl in question will visit. believing that nothing can happen, at this point most women just trust. But along the line it will turn out to be a disappointment to the girl.

Recently, This singular act has caused a hole lot of misunderstanding in fresh relationships. Due to the disturbance men give girls on the first visit to their house, they tell their fellow girls what they encountered. This has made majority of the girls to conclude that men are The same saying “once you visit them either in the first visit or not they must touch you”.

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Notwithstanding, my kind advice to men is to please stop this singular act no matter how the urge may come. Just respect manhood and respect any girl that visits you. Moreover, you have no right to touch her without her consent.

Men take note of these vital information

1. “Respect is resciprocal” men, you have no right to touch a woman that is not legally married to you. Except she gives you consent, even if she does, it is a sin before God.

2. Women on the second taught please don’t visit a brother with skimpy wears. Because it has a way of turning them on.

3. Mind the kind of discussions you two will be talking about when visiting, don’t discuss anything emotional because it could lead to something else. Rather pick up the Bible and meditate on scriptures that will give glory to God.

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I believe with this vital information women will visit amicably and men won’t have the urge to touch women on a first visit.

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What do you have to say concerning this?

Girls, Use the comment box below to speak out. Men must be brought to book today.

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