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"I Am A Muslim And I Want To Follow Jesus, Would He Accept Me?" - Lady | MadNaija

“I Am A Muslim And I Want To Follow Jesus, Would He Accept Me?” – Lady


As days go on, many people still come to ask different questions which have been bothering them over the past years but they don’t know who will give them the answer to their questions, and not lies that can affect their life in the future to come. Before I go into details about this article, I will like you to know that everything in life happens for a reason whether good or bad because nothing is going to happen if nothing pushes it to do so. So do me a favor and share this post after reading it.

In one of the pictures here, you can see the question a beautiful lady is asking people around her to answer and her question goes like this “I Am A Muslim And I Want To Follow Jesus Would He Accept Me?” And you that is reading this, do you think he will really accept this lady? Looking at her post very well you will realize that she is really confused about it and maybe this question has been running through her main since but she doesn’t know how to say it out.

As she posted it on Facebook, that means she have not gotten the right answer she’s looking for. One may ask what can of answer do needs now, for me she is looking for who will explain everything to her will details that will convince her to follow Jesus Christ. And I think you can advise her and give her the hope that she is looking as your own sister.

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Leaving here without good advice, I don’t think is the right thing to do try and say something to her because it is not easy to come out and ask a question like this on Facebook it means she has been passing alot in life and can’t keep it to herself anymore. And also looking at her, she is very beautiful and cute.

But is she right in what she’s trying to do? Share to others and let them give her an advice on how she will go about it because this lady still needs your answer now.

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  • Yes, He is faithful and just to forgive us our trespasses. Just confess your sin and accept him as your lord n personal savior. Look for any bible believing church and hear more of the word of God. Glory be to God.

  • He is such an amazing man with aheart of true love. As a matter of truth he is love inpersonted. Can i shock u a little,he has been waiting for u. His arms are wide open to receive u.

  • When I attended an international conference alongside Muslim scholars in 2007 precisely, I was told Jesus is the beloved prophet of Islam. So it is ignorance for any Muslims to reject Jesus. So he loves you and will accept you. Enjoy a bliss of peace now and eternity with him forever.God bless you

    • Yes, Jesus loves you. Just kneel down, and ask him to forgive your son’s, cleanse you with his blood and be your Lord and Saviour.

  • I’ll like to know which country she’s in so that I can introduce her to someone that will spend time with her and tell her all she needs to know about Jesus and what to do to be his disciple.

  • she has made a very very very…………right decision but fLet her pray ceaslesly as it’s written and Jesus Christ himself will give her the right answer and explaination she needs God bless u

  • Yes, Jesus loves you. Just kneel down, and ask him to forgive your sins cleanse you with his blood and be your Lord and Saviour.

  • Yes deae Jesus will accept you ,just proclaim is lordship and confuse him as ur lord and savior,he will change everything about ur life

  • Jesus Christ died for all the inhabitants of the earth for any body who believe in Him shall not perish bt inherit the kingdom of God,iwas a Muslim too but cross over to Jesus Christ,iam not regretting that choice imade.shalom

  • Not Prophet Jesus Alone let her include the other25 prophet of God that are mention in the Qur’an like Moses,Abraham David Solomon,joseph and others others who are not mentioned,
    Being a Muslim you Must believe in Jesus Christ before your faith is real,Jesus is a great Prophet and Messenger of God to the people of Isreal ,Jesus never say he isGod ps

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