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MUST READ! 5 Things You Should Not Try With An Oloso | MadNaija

MUST READ! 5 Things You Should Not Try With An Oloso

Every business has its own rules and regulations and the Prostitution business isn’t left out. If at all you must carry an “oloso” they are some things you should never do so that you don’t tell stories that touch.

The first thing is that you never insult them. It isn’t by force to patronize them, so if you know all you have to do is rain insult at them, then you shouldn’t bother going at all because you wouldn’t even like what they would do to you. There are even situations whereby, before you get to where they are, some of them are standing in front of you and some of them would even be dragging your clothe. Even if you are faced in such scenario, do not insult them. Just pick a person or find your way out.

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Another thing is that never take an “oloso” to your house. It is better you find a hotel to lodge and do your thing because a lot of them are thieves. There have been cases where these girls have drugged their customers and have stolen their valuables away. There have also been situations whereby they have served as informants for thieves and days or even weeks after, the person is robbed. So, be on your toes.

Importantly, only pay after you are done. See, if you do not want to have regrets, don’t dare to pay before you get down to business, because some of them can be very cunny. So, enjoy yourself to the fullest, get all the package you agreed and pay her money after.

If this is the case, then the next rule is that you must pay the agreed amount and if possible, add a little tip to it. “Oloshos” do not have any form of shame, so they don’t mind embarrassing you if you try messing with them. They will call you out if possible engage in physical combat with you. If you do not want embarrassment for yourself or for everybody in that area to know your parole, it is better to pay them their money without drama.

Don’t talk too much or worse still, fall in love with them. Really, why would you even want to do that to start with? Most of these girls have little or no emotions, they just want to get down and get out. So, don’t try to form unnecessary conversations with them or even try talking to them about how they can live a better life. A lot of them don t like to hear those tales.

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