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MUST READ! Never date a woman who is over thirty (Reasons). | MadNaija
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MUST READ! Never date a woman who is over thirty (Reasons).

Never date a woman who is over thirty. (Reasons)

The main things that a woman offers to a man in a relationship is, fertility and looks. A guy needs a fertile woman who will be able to give birth to children and a woman who is able dress properly and come out with good looks. Women vary as age counts, like a woman who is eighteen years of age is more prettier and stronger compared to a woman who is twenty five.

If you therefore want a woman to settle with in a relationship, you should avoid old women. Remember this, a woman will never tell you that she enjoyed her youth to the fullest. You worked so hard to earn a living and now you have a business or a company moving on well.

And now you want a woman to settle with, ask yourself, where she was all that time. Look, between eighteen years and thirty is a long period of time and that is why you should ask her what she has managed to do for a living that can support her to offer something on the table.

Among the reasons why you should never date a woman who is over thirty that we came up with are these. Read them carefully and remember to make a change if you are already dating a woman who is thirty and above years of age.

She can not be moulded.

A woman is expected to be a reflection of a man. Meaning that, she is expected to follow your footsteps as you lead her. A good woman is simply supposed to listen to you and obey your instructions.

Unless she is able to give you an ear, you should never agree to date her because she will only waste your time. A woman who is thirty years of age has dealt with many guys and now do not see worth in respecting a man.

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Age is one of the queries you should always make before dealing with a woman. Again, it is very sarcastic to have a woman, thirty years of age or more, tell you that she is waiting for a guy to prove to her that he loves her. That is always a lie, never fall for that.

She is almost her menopause.

.As we said earlier, the main reason for dating a woman is her fertility. For you to have a peaceful mind, the parents will need to see their grandchildren. Ask yourself how many kids she will be able to give birth to before she hits her menopause.

Some women are also very stubborn, they will tell you nothing concerning marriage until you two have dated for a long period of time. Just cut off the contacts and move on with your life. Each and every day, there is a woman somewhere who hits eighteen and therefore you should go for such women who are still fresh and energetic.

Her strength is also fading away.

A woman grows old too fast compared to a man. This means that her youthful strength lasts for a short period of time. It is better to grow old together with her, it should not be, that she grows old as you remain to be young and that is why, it is advised to date a woman who is younger than you.

Strength matters in a relationship for the benefit of the children. The children will need very energetic parents. In conclusion, stay away from dating any woman who is thirty years of age no matter how pretty she might be. Never be fooled by makeups she puts on everyday.

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