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Nigeria Calls This Bag 'Ghana Must Go', Checkout What It's Called in America and Germany | MadNaija

Nigeria Calls This Bag ‘Ghana Must Go’, Checkout What It’s Called in America and Germany

Nigeria calls this bag ‘Ghana Must Go’, see what America, Germany call it

Who doesn’t know the legendary bag in the picture above. While we were young, it was one of the most common bags you see in household. You’ll hear, call the boy with the “Ghana must go” bag. Yes, that’s how we all got to know that name. Well there’s an origin to the name but before we go there, what’s this bag called in America and Germany.

Now let’s quickly take a brief look at how the name, ‘Ghana must go’ came to existence. The Democratic government under Shehu Shagari was when this name came to existence. In the saga which can be explained by those who were alive at this period, the Nigerian government ordered many African immigrants to leave the country within a short notice in 1983. Unfortunately, most affected by this executive order were Ghanaians. No doubt, they had a large population in the county because of their closeness to our borders.

Most Ghanaians were spotted using this bag as they carried their loads out of the country. This was the origin of Ghana must go. It however has to be stated that the Nigerian government didn’t do this as an act of wickedness but an attempt to restructure the economy of the nation as at that time. The programme was widely referred to as structural adjustment programme (SAP).

Anytime you see this bag, always remember 1983 when Ghanaians had to leave for their country.

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