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Nigerians Please Note, Foods You should Never Eat If you want to Live a Long Life | MadNaija

Nigerians Please Note, Foods You should Never Eat If you want to Live a Long Life


Staying alive is good, but while living we should consider and be conscious of the type and kind of food that we consume often. Some foods are dangerous to the health and can affect the humans system if taken regularly. That’s why we’ve made this article, to enlighten you on this course.

There is a strange problem with which foods you should never include in your diet. Some are clearly harmful as a poor quality of life, but let’s say nothing about the ones we’re taking now, right? We show them below.

1 margarine

Instead of greasing, margarine is produced by humans and sometimes with medium oils. Plus, it has as many calories as the spread and it has some fat in it which is a terrible addition.

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2 canned tomatoes

Some canned drugs contain BPA, a toxic substance produced by men and associated with impaired regeneration, neurological effects, increased risk of damaging breast and prostate development, diabetes, coronary heart disease and disease. distinctive actual. The sharpness of tomatoes is detrimental to soaking of food.

3. sausages

Busy with meat, like salami or ham, obtained from farm animals, where they work with hormones, enemy disease specialists and various recipes that are not useful when we eat their meat.

The abysmal living conditions of these animals make them ideal places for a wide variety of diseases which then “move” on us. Frankly, this finished meat increases the risk of harmful development.

4-Vegetable oils

No matter how often they are considered healthy, these oils are taken care of and at any time if applied in massive amounts you can cripple omega-3s and 6. The risk is when these fluids are heated because they are difficult to avoid. substance changes and they even rest.

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This oxygenates the oil and causes contamination of the cardiovascular system.

5. Popcorn

To prevent grease from spilling into packaging, technical substances called perfluoroalkyls are used. This substance is not good for the body and is used, for example, in microwave popcorn. Certainly, it can destroy endocrine hormone, such as the thyroid, in addition to influencing sex hormones, even causing action.

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