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Opinion: What if Buhari decides to pay every Student N10,000 to stay home till next year? | MadNaija

Opinion: What if Buhari decides to pay every Student N10,000 to stay home till next year?

The condition of the country at the moment might not be really suitable for the President to really think of opening schools.


Let’s get our fact clear and straight, out of the 36 States in Nigeria, FCT Abuja making it number 37, only approximately 5 to 10 states can really boast of the capability and Manpower to re-open its schools.

Speaking from experience, the majority of the schools here in the North do not have enough class, chairs, and Teachers that are required for the re-Opening of schools. Even if they do you will only find such things in the Federal, Unity, or Private schools here in the North.

How do you explain to the child to keep 4 to 5 Inch gap from his friend in class, when even before going on the compulsory Lockdown break he was sitting on the floor. Or can you tell the headmaster of a school to make sure he’s students maintain and heed to the social distancing rules when his school available classes hardly contain the available students even before the Lockdown?

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Most Government schools here in the North and in some western and southern parts of Nigeria’s harbor nothing less than 60 to 65 students in a single class, especially in the junior and senior secondary education.

It saddens my heart to see that students and parents are so eager to release their children back to school, not because many of them want their children to really go back to school. But because the continual stay home rule as gotten so worst that the children consume far beyond what they expect, bringing unnecessary expenses to their guider or the parent in question.

Coming back to the topic of why President Buhari should consider gifting out at least Ten thousand Naira each to every child who’s is currently out of school, is because their parents have tried. And the only way any Nigerian parents will want to keep his or her child at home till next year, it will be with a proper palliative.

The 10,000 Naira in question will:

1. Serve as a palliative to every Nigerian Parent.

2. The money will not be spent by the child, but the parent for upkeep till everywhere is safe and good.

3. A thank you package from the President to Nigerians for believing in him, staying safe throughout the Lockdown.

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4. For higher institution students, an automatic pass to the next level, school fees payment of Nigeria federal University school students, and stimulative package for next year Redemption.

The President should consider the four itemized suggestion above, and let me see any parent, students who will prefer school resumption this year over next year with all those available added privileges.

What are your thoughts on this, drop your comment in the comments section below.

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