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Opinion: Guys Avoid Broke Girls, Here are 9 Ways You Can Identify a Broke Girl | MadNaija

Opinion: Guys Avoid Broke Girls, Here are 9 Ways You Can Identify a Broke Girl

This article contains few ways in which a guy can identify a broke girl and stay away from her because to me, broke girls will add no value rather will want to drain the little you have.  Also note, all these facts are based on my personal opinion, which if you may or my not be in agreement with me, everyone have their own opinion to make. So the comment box is open for your opinion as well.



1: A Broke girl is always hungry when ever she sees you or spot you have a little cash at hand, then billing comes in.

2. A girl who always dosen’t have transport fare (money) to come visit you or come see someone she claims to love.

3. A girl who can’t afford to buy her love even small birthday or valentine gift, but in her turn, she will expect you to bring down the world for her, wantig you to buy the unbuyable (most expensive) for her.

4: Any girl who can’t comfortably call you as her lover on phone for a minimum of 3Mins, is a broke girl. She is always flashing you for you to call back and always complaining she doest have airtime in her phone. Sometimes you will even send airtime to her, yet she still flashes you.

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5. Urgent 2k

6: Broke girls mostly take photos inexpensive Hotel bathroom.

7. They always want people to see them in a posh environment (Rich environments).

8. A Broke girl go crazy about expensive gadget or trending expensive stuffs.

9. Lastly, with no doubt, broke girls are fond of notice me, any place they enter, they want everyone to now they have arrived.

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