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Opinion: How to know if your wife is sleeping with other men | MadNaija

Opinion: How to know if your wife is sleeping with other men

Women can be smart, but they’re not perfect not to make any mistakes. They will surely give you clue that will make you start doubting them.

They’re fragile and they can get their feelings missed up with their expression.

You don’t need to really stress yourself if you want to know maybe your wife is cheating or you, just take note of these things.

1. She will stop giving you attention.

One of the attribute of a women that is cheating is giving low or no attention to their husbands. If she is the type that always demand more of your attention, and suddenly she stopped, you should take notice of her. If she is not cheating, it is either something happened to her. I still don’t see anything that will stop your wife from giving you attention if not that she is cheating.

2. She is always concerned about your whereabouts all the time.

It is a big sign that she is probably cheating or monitoring you. Why will a wife be bothered about her husband whereabouts all the time? Don’t be deceived, it is not because she loves you, she wants to go out and meet her new lover. Whenever you notice this, she is cheating on you.

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3. You caught her lying about her whereabouts.

There is no explanation she can give to defend herself, she has been caught red handed. There should be transparency between husband and wife, there should be nothing like deception unless one of them is cheating.

4. She is always busy and interested in her look.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should think your wife is cheating on you because she is interested in her look. What I mean by this is that, your wife who dress carefree started dressing well, fixing her nails, now going to outing more and doing some strange things, then she is probably cheating on you.

5. If she is always coming late at night.

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As a house wife and mother, it is very wrong to come late at night. What’s her business that will make stay so long at night? If she has nothing to justify herself, she is definitely cheating and sleeping with other men.

Don’t cheat on your husband by sleeping with other men, it is very bad. Pls, try to change.

If you have any reservations, comments, and questions, pls do well to use the comment box. Thank you.

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