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Opinion: Ladies, if Your Man Asks You to do These 5 Things, Please Say no For Your Own Good. | MadNaija

Opinion: Ladies, if Your Man Asks You to do These 5 Things, Please Say no For Your Own Good.

Today we shall be looking at things you should always say no to when your man asks you to do them. Please hit the follow button to follow me for more interesting tips on relationship.

Women are always victims of circumstances. To avoid falling a victim, there are things you should always say no to whenever your man asks you to do them. Trust me when I say don’t do them.

Without wasting your time, here are five things you should never do in your relationship.

1. Say no to abortion

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One of the major challenges women are facing these days is being dumped after series of abortion. Not all relationship must end in marriage. Anything can happen in a relationship. To avoid stories that touch, say not to abortion. If you mistakenly get pregnant, please keep it. That child might save your relationship from crashing. Please say no to abortion.

2. Say no to premarital unprotected s3x

There are always consequences to unprotected sex. Sometimes they are devastating. Pregnancy, abortion, broken relationships, sexually transmitted diseases—these are just a few of the possible scenarios of unprotected sex outside of marriage. If he refuses to wear protection, just say no to avoid unwanted pregnancy that will lead to abortion.

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3. When a man tells you to fight for his love, please say no to him.

When a man hangs around multiple women and advises you to fight your fellow women for his love, please say no to him. If he loves you, let him come for you. A man once told my seventeen years old sister to fight for his love if she truly loves him. The little girl began to fight anyone she sees around her man. Before we realize what was going on, she had sustained several injuries. Please when he tells you to fight for his love, he clearly has no feelings for you. Say no to him.

4. If a man you have not gotten married to ask you to get a loan in your name for him, please say no.

If he cannot apply for a loan in his name, let him forget about it. Many women have fallen for this. No amount of love should make you to secure a loan for a man who has not paid your bride price. When your man tells you to do this, please say no avoid story that touched. A man who loves will marry you without putting you at risk.

5. If a man asks you to move in with him, please say no.

If there’s any surprise left in your relationship, expect it to vanish into thin air the moment that you move in together. When all of your bodily functions are occurring under the same roof, you shower together, and rarely have a moment to yourselves, it’s nearly impossible to surprise each other. How can you expect to excite him with a matching bra and underwear set when he saw you get dressed this morning? It can be hard to keep things fresh and new when you live with him, and unless you’re ready to committing to hard work to keep the mystery alive, it’ll disappear before you even know it’s gone. You will know all of his routines and exactly what he’s doing at all hours of the day, and for some ladies that might be exactly what you want, but the chances are you aren’t prepared for it. If you want to keep things spicy, you shouldn’t move in with him.

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