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Opinion: Ogun State Was Wrong to Give Laycon 5 Million Naira, He Does Not Deserve It. | MadNaija

Opinion: Ogun State Was Wrong to Give Laycon 5 Million Naira, He Does Not Deserve It.

My heart is so elated as well as it is so inquisitive. It is noteworthy to state that appreciating or hailing anyone who uplifts the name of a state or a certain territory is never an offense but in the same light, it is pertinent to state that areas that deserve such accolades should also never be ignored or kept aside.


The recent news that had rented the media space that the Executive Governor of Ogun state awarded cash, an apartment and an appointment to the winner of the just concluded BBNaija births this call to notice.

It is commendable to state that a child who brings victory home should be celebrated and appreciated, that the Governor of Ogun State had greatly done, in a quest to encourage and incite the need for intelligence and personal developments which Laycon truly displayed.


But does the state government identifies other salient areas that require such accolades? NO!

Academic excellence lacks the encouragement that ought to be rendered. Depicting a great instance, Why can’t the government single out the best and worthy entitlements to first-class graduates of the state? Do we need to keep encouraging them with a token of nothing up to 50,000naira?

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I remember the Governor almost forgot to give automatic employment to the Overall best of my set. The so-called cash price of 10-50 thousand nairas is not even cash, one has to go through process of signing to an extent of getting fed up and letting go.

Not even a Masters scholarship for all first-class students in the state even if it is local institutions, What about internship programs in the area of studies to build their careers? Ogun Tech hub and the likes aren’t areas where they can be fixed? You can’t pay their final clearance and give them their Certificates totally free off surrounding payments?

A Lot of First-class students of my set will be through with service this year, many thoughts of what next considering the economy, what signal is that to others behind, Oh! Advice us to go and be creative and find a trade or the likes. So pathetic!

As recent as it can be, a certain team which won a global competition that had 128 teams from about 120 countries didn’t get any remarkable encouragement. They were undergraduates of a tertiary institution within the state, what was rendered to them as an epitome of encouragement?

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There had been great exploits exhibited and achieved by undergraduates of tertiary institutions within the state, were they awesomely rendered a remarkable encouragement?

These are questions that require great thoughts and answers.

Academic excellence should be appreciated beyond a congratulatory message, I believe awarding automatic employments to academic brainstormers isn’t a hard task to do.

This is not an attack on personality or administration. This is an important call out to the state government and students concerned councils within the state to identify these salient areas as revealed above.


It really goes a long way to achieve the education we want. If this is duly put in place, I believe there will be more legacies to incur in the world of academics and psychological balancing and not making students lose intetest and zeal for educational excellence considering other means.

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