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Opinion: If PDP Must Win 2023 Presidency, This Is The Only Man That Can Make It Happen | MadNaija

Opinion: If PDP Must Win 2023 Presidency, This Is The Only Man That Can Make It Happen

The tussle for who succeeds Muhammadu Buhari, come 2023 as the president and Commander in Chief of armed forces continues, as President Muhammadu Buhari continues his second term in office. The two main political parties in Nigeria; the ruling party; APC and the main opposition party; PDP, will excercise all effort and provide the most competent candidate to win the presidency for them.


However, there are only few people with that level of competency, awareness and sense of direction in the Nigerian political settings. Either you like it or not, it is the truth. The People’s Democratic Party; PDP, is determined to win back the seat that was once chaired by the party but, the question is, does the party have a candidate competent enough to win back the presidency for them?

Yes… They have quite a number of capable personalities in the party, but if they can be decisive, meticulous and unapologetically objective in their candidate presentation against the APC’s would-be candidate, even if it means bringing in a capable candidate from another party, there is high chance of winning the presidency come 2023.

Talking of bringing in a candidate from another party, the current Vice president; Yemi Osibanjo of the All Progressive Congress; APC, coupled with peter Obi of PDP as his vice, would be the best duo they can use for the job. Bringing in the current Vice president to the PDP is an almost impossible situation, but nothing is impossible in politics.

Prof. Yemi Osibanjo is an individual that has left a significant impact in both the northern and southern hemisphere of Nigeria, including the West. The pastor turned politician is loved in the south for his immeasurable contributions to the development of the south in times of their needs and the level at which he is adorned and revered by the north is obvious. And as for the West, it is only normal for them to support him, if not for anything, the fact that he’s a westerner is enough to make them entitled to see him win.

According to this analysis, Yemi Osibanjo alone as a proposed presidential candidate is capable of drawing massive votes from the listed geopolitical zones… In addition to the influence of Peter Obi, That should undoubtedly bring the dreams of the People’s Democratic Party; PDP to actualization. As I have said, bringing in Yemi Osibanjo to the PDP is almost impossible, but nothing is impossible in politics.

What do you think about this combination? Do you think there is a more capable candidate in the party? Who do you think it is? Let’s know your opinion.

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