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Opinion: School May Soon Reopen, But Only Students in These Categories Will Be Allowed to Resume | MadNaija

Opinion: School May Soon Reopen, But Only Students in These Categories Will Be Allowed to Resume

It is crystal clear even to a blind man that school resumption issues will soon be a thing of the past. This is because Federal Government have taken steps with the help of certain institutions to ensure the safe reopening of schools nationwide.


The only problem however is that if schools are to resume this year, there might be students that will be allowed to resume while others would have to wait indefinitely. In this opinion article, you are going to have a look at the set of students that may be allowed to resume this year and the rest that won’t be allowed to resume when the time for resumption comes.

Below are the Students That Will Be Allowed to resume When schools Reopen;

1. Primary and Secondary School Pupils: an official Resumption date hasn’t been slated so, all students are currently at home including primary and secondary school pupils apart from those in graduating classes. But if schools reopen this year or soon, primary and secondary school pupils of all classes would be asked to reopen immediately to complete their classes.

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2. Private University Undergraduates: this is another set of students that will immediately be asked to resume and complete their studies when schools reopen. Remember, that this is a conditional statement if schools are asked to reopen this year. Private school students have Nothing currently keeping them at home other than the Covid-19 issues and when it’s resolved and students asked to resume, they will be amongst the students asked to resume immediately.

These are the two sets of students that will be asked to resume school immediately FG takes a decision concerning school resumption officially but there are some students that won’t be allowed to reopen. Who are they? You may ask, let me also answer you in a rather organized manner.

Only students that may not be allowed to resume school when schools officially kick off this year are the Federal University Students. This is because of the lingering issue between ASUU and FG. So, students in public universities should however pray harder so that ASUU and FG will strike a resolution before the school resumption date is fixed so that they won’t have to wait longer.

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