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OPINION: Are women shy when they meet a male doctor? Here are 4 type of checks that makes them blush | MadNaija

OPINION: Are women shy when they meet a male doctor? Here are 4 type of checks that makes them blush

A 20-year-old college student, Antonia, went to the breast surgery department of the hospital because of breast tenderness. After listening to the doctor’s description of the condition, a serious male doctor in the consulting room said: “Go behind the curtain and take off your clothes for a check.” “Huh?” Antonia suddenly messed up: Does the male doctor come to examine the chest? No female assistant to do it? This is too embarrassing.

Antonia is not the first woman to resist letting a male doctor check her body. As long as she thinks of showing her breasts in front of an unfamiliar man, most women will feel embarrassed and shy, and will make up for some things they don’t have like the male doctor would take the opportunity to see her chest.

Actually everyone really thinks too much! Checking the body is a normal job for doctors. They only see the difference between “healthy” and “unhealthy”.

Breast examination

When going to breast surgery for breast examination, the doctor will first perform a physical examination, first observe whether there is any abnormality in the appearance of the breast with the naked eye, and then perform palpation. Press the nipple, areola and around the breast with your hands to check for secretions, lumps, etc. If there is no abnormality, the inspection can usually be completed within a few minutes.

If the examination is performed by a male doctor, there will be a female nurse by the side. It is usually not the case that a male doctor conducts an examination of a woman’s private parts alone, so don’t be too scared. If you are really embarrassed, you can also wear a mask or sunglasses or better still Covering your ears to make you less nervous.

Breast B ultrasound is done in the B ultrasound room. Lying on the B-ultrasound examination bed, pull up or untie the top, the doctor will first squeeze some cool coupling agent on the skin, at this time if the indoor air conditioning temperature is too low, you may not help but shiver. Then the doctor puts the probe on the area that needs to be examined, and looks at the screen. While moving the probe up the two breasts, press the screenshot button to record the condition of your breasts. The whole process takes about 10-15 minutes. After the end, the doctor will give you a paper towel to wipe off the sticky coupling agent on your skin. After finishing your clothes, you can leave the ultrasound room.


The ECG examination is similar to the breast ultrasound. The doctor or nurse will clean the skin of the corresponding part and apply the special conductive paste, and then place the sterilized electrode plates one by one on the corresponding part, usually about 5 minutes. After completing the examination, you only need to keep your mood calm and relaxed during this process. Some clinics that are not busy will also turn off the light above your head to let you relax as soon as possible.

Gynecological examination

Gynecological examinations may require more courage than breast examinations. You should expose your most private parts to strangers. How can you not be nervous or shy, and people who have not undergone a gynaecological examination will more or less take care of the gynaecological examination. Fear, in fact, don’t worry too much. If you have any discomfort during the examination, you can immediately report to the doctor.

Gynecological examination: Take off the unilateral pants on the examination bed to expose the genitals. The doctor will first perform an inspection to determine whether there are vegetations or other abnormalities in the vulva, and whether there is any color change or peculiar smell of the vaginal discharge. Then the vagina will be opened with a speculum to check the condition of the vulva and cervix. Then, a double checkup is performed to check the size, position, texture, mobility and tenderness of the uterus, whether there are lumps, thickening or tenderness in the appendages of the uterus, etc. The entire examination is usually completed in about 5 minutes.

Examination of secretions: including leucorrhea examination, mycoplasma examination, etc. The doctor will collect some vaginal secretions with cotton swabs or test papers, which are usually collected during physical examinations.

TCT examination: The doctor uses a special sampling device for the TCT examination to extend to the cervix and rotate it around to collect the exfoliated cells on the surface of the cervix and in the cervical canal. Some people who are more sensitive may feel a slight pain.

Pelvic ultrasound, vaginal ultrasound: need to go to the B ultrasound room. The pelvic ultrasound needs to hold back the urine. The examination process is similar to that of the breast ultrasound except that the examination site is changed from the breast to the lower abdomen. Vaginal B-ultrasound does not need to hold back the urine, it is to insert the probe into the vagina to explore the situation in the pelvic cavity.

If it is a male doctor performing a gynecological examination, there will be a female nurse nearby. If you really cannot accept male doctors for gynecological examinations, you can also change the outpatient number of female doctors. In fact, many male doctors in gynecological clinics are indeed a neglected group. The chance of giving patients a gynecological examination is much less than that of female doctors. In order to avoid suspicion, they will complete the examination as smoothly as possible. If the action is slow, do not rule out There is a risk of being scolded.

Digital anus examination

Digital anus examination is to check with fingers inserted into the anus, commonly known as “One Finger Zen”. One is to check for anorectal diseases, such as hemorrhoids, polyps, ulcers, and rectal masses. For men, the prostate can be palpated to help detect enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. For women, digital anus examination can touch the uterus to help find the presence of retroverted uterus and uterine tumors. It is a very important clinical examination method.

The examination posture is a bit shame, usually holding on to the examination table, back to the doctor, bending over to push up buttocks, but there are also other examination postures.

The examination process is usually very quick, but if you have hemorrhoids, you may feel uncomfortable. Remember to relax. If you are too nervous, the doctor will say: You can’t check if you don’t relax.

Although these examinations are very embarrassing, they are not as embarrassing as you might think, and the examination process is usually very fast. The doctor’s attention will also make you forget the shyness. It may be more nervous and worried that the examination results will be wrong. There will be problems.

However, the family doctor still needs to remind that although most doctors are honest men and will not do anything other than formal diagnosis and treatment, it is not ruled out that some people with wrong minds will take the opportunity to practice molestation. If you encounter a male doctor, In the case of an examination of your private parts without the presence of a female nurse, direct contact with private parts without gloves, and unauthorized touching of non-examination parts, you must raise an objection and prevent the other party from proceeding.

Did anything embarrassing happen during your inspection? You can share it in the comments section.

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