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Opinion: If you're a student of a Nigerian public University, please take note of this | MadNaija

Opinion: If you’re a student of a Nigerian public University, please take note of this

The #EndSars campaign proved that we the youth have power, and that power resides in unity.

A Nigerian youth started that #EndSars campaign on twitter, another youth suggested they hit the streets instead of making it trend on twitter alone, a celebrity joined in, two celebrities, and soon, international celebrities joined in the protest. To cut the long story short, the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS), was disbanded within the same week #EndSars trended.


This is an eye opener to all Nigerian youths who happen to be students of Nigerian public universities. As we all know, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has been on strike since March. We the students have been at home all these while due to the covid19 lockdown. The lockdown was lifted by the Federal Government (FG), and students were asked to return to school, only for us to remember the ongoing ASUU strike. 

We’re told that they’re fighting for us, but this fight is taking too long.






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The reason why the ASUU strike should end

~ How can an employee tell his employer how he wants to be paid?:

The Federal Government (FG) introduced the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) to check the excesses of lecturers. The ASUU insists on rejecting it, and instead developed the Universal Transparency, Accountability Solution (UTAS), as an alternative to IPPIS. This is uncalled for, and students are the ones on the receiving end. The same students who pay their fees in addition to other mandatory levies, so why do we still have to suffer over how lecturers should be paid?


Fellow students, imagine being in 100 level in October 2019, and in October 2020, you’re still in 100 level, not sure of anything about the future of your academics.

Fellow students, imagine your counterparts in private universities and universities abroad, going for academic activities, progressing, while we “Nigerian youths” waste away at home, following the trends of politics, society, and celebrity gossip that won’t ever benefit our lives. We are students of public universities because not all our parents can afford to send us to private universities or universities abroad. Let’s fight for our education here.

Please, my fellow students, let’s wake up from our slumber. Let’s use what we have (phones and social media) to get what we want (an end to the strike).


Let’s join the #EndAsuuStrike campaign. This is the only way our voices will be heard, this is the only way our schools can be reopened. If you’re not tired of staying at home, I am, I don’t know who’s with me on this?






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