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If your partner says any of these three things to you, you are lucky and make sure you keep him/her. | MadNaija

If your partner says any of these three things to you, you are lucky and make sure you keep him/her.

Finding someone who would love you for who you are is almost difficult these days. Why? Because people even after being in a relationship would like their partner to change and become that person they want.

Most times I ask myself, why make him or her to change when they were like that before you fell in love with them and started dating them.

Relationship come with different packages and surprises, but I would always prefer being with a person that would want me to compromise who I am because am dating him or her.

I think everyone deserves to be with someone who will always love them for who they are. So if you are in a relationship and your partner says these following things, then know he or she loves you for who you are and won’t want you to change. At least for the moment.

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1) I love you just the way you are. When your partner says this; know that who you are is all he or she wants and would not want you to change. He or she loves who you are around them and is happy you are yourself.

2) I would still choose you, even if you were a twin. Isn’t that sweet? Of course it is. This means that the qualities you have are all he or she needs and won’t even prefer your closest replica, no matter what.

3) I want you to be yourself around me. What is the fun in dating someone who you are hiding your true self from. If he or she always encourages you to be yourself around them then he is not ashamed of who you are and is probably far from wanting you to change.

It’s not easy finding that person who really wants you to be yourself. So if you are with such a person, you are very lucky and must try to keep him/her.

This article is purely the writer’s idea and I hope it goes a long way to help you.

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