Reaction as Babcock set to resume school on 21st but would pay #25,000 for covid-19 screening test

We have much awaited the resumption of schools and finally it seems schools are now set to resume. As it stands, most schools are making preparations to resume on the 21st of this month.


Among the schools planning to resume on the 21st of this month is Babcock. Babcock is a very good school who despite being a private university knows exactly what they are doing.

Just recently Babcock released a note on their resumption date and how the resumption would take place. As we know, one really need to be careful because of the virus which is ravaging the world presently. To be deceived is to say it has totally gone. This is a lie as we still very much have it around us.

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In the bid to prevent this, Babcock had said that it’s resumption would be in batches. The final year student would first resume while others would still continue to have their online classes.

However for the resumption of the final year ,they would have to pay a sum of #25,000. This is for the screening test of covid-19. This is to ensure their safety and would say it’s fair enough for a private school.

People had reacted to this online and said that most of the schools now want to make money off the covid-19.

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