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Reactions as Lady Reveals What She Did When Her Uber Driver Started Praying in Tongues During Trip | MadNaija

Reactions as Lady Reveals What She Did When Her Uber Driver Started Praying in Tongues During Trip


Many young ladies always treat Uber drivers with disrespect because they always see them as a mere driver. Only a few people respect and related to Uber drivers.

A twitter user named Wunmi has narrated what she did when she noticed her Uber driver was silently praying in tongues on her way home from work.

Wunmi said she was excited and decided to join the driver in praying in tongues.

She added that the Uber driver was actually preparing for a prayer session, she also joined the prayer session together with him.

“On my way home this evening, I noticed my Uber driver praying in tongues!

The excitement I felt in my heart ehn, I joined in and we prayed in tongues.

Turns out he was preparing for a prayer session, guessed who join the session as he drove?

What a night!” the lady narrated on her Twitter handle.

The lady’s action has elicited reactions on social media.

See some of the reactions below.

“If the whole world became like this, there’d be no war, rape, sickness, corruption, poverty, insecurity, terrorism…they’d all disappear like a bad dream.

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Believers, we have work to do. 🔥🙏🏽🗣️.”

“My uncle did this in Texas. uber has banned him for life.”

“That’s is a system that works. He would have prayed silently why voice out and disturb the peace of another? I am a Christian but if my Uber driver does this while I am thinking of something important I might just tell him to pray silently. We normalize abnormality in this clime.”

“I’m not a killjoy but that was super unprofessional of him. if he wanted to pray he should have turned off his app and not pick up a request.

Or at least take permission to be sure I’m okay with him doing that.

It’s ok to praise his act, but we forget something: he’s at work”

“This is total rubbish, in a saner clime, that uber driver would get banned. What he did is absolutely rubbish be it a Muslim or a Christian. He should have asked for permission and if the passenger approves then no problem”

What’s your take on this?

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Is it right for the Uber driver to pray in tongues while on duty?

Drop your comments below.

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