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SO SAD! I Caught My Wife Sleeping With One Of My Workers In My House | MadNaija

SO SAD! I Caught My Wife Sleeping With One Of My Workers In My House

I caught my wife sleeping with one of my workers in my house - Mc Ebisco

I caught my wife sleeping with one of my workers in my house - Mc Ebisco

My name is Josh and I was married to my wife Tabby for six years and we had a huge piece of land where we had employed various workers since our produce would in turn give us huge profits.
My wife was in charge of employing the labourers since I was handling the sales of the product which was mostly maize. I also had a daytime job in an NGO, based in Karen where I would for 10 hours a day for five days a week. My job was hence keeping away from home but I was relaxed since my wife was managing our farm.

One day, one of the workers texted me and told me that my wife was sleeping with the farm supervisor. I was so shocked when he revealed that information to me and I did not know what to do with it.
I decided not to confront my wife since I did not have evidence and when I reached out to the employee who had revealed the information to me said he could not tell me anything further since he wanted to keep his job.
I started being investigative of my wife, observing her every move and in a matter of days I had noticed she was talking to the supervisor more often than not. If it was not through a phone call, she was talking to him in the morning when he reported to the farm and often invited him for breakfast. I was always leaving them having breakfast together and before I got the information, I naively thought she was being nice to him so as to motivate him as an.

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I went for a week without knowing how to catch my wife red-handed and this disturbed me. I then called the worker who had given me the information again hoping he would give more details. Though he was reluctant, he told me that the only way he would help me is by introducing me to Doctor Mugwenu who would help him net them right in the act.

“Boss the only thing I can tell you is that you need the help of Doctor Mugwenu who helps net cheating lovers in various ways among them sticking them together,” he told me.
I asked for Doctor Mugwenu number and after giving it to me, I called him and explained to him my situation. He then advised me to visit him the next day. After meeting him, he performed a couple of spells where he told me that when my wife and the farm supervisor would meet to make love they would get stuck. He further told me his spells works in less than 24 hours.

  • True to his word, the next day, a few minutes after leaving for work, I received a phone call from the employee who had told me of my wife’s infidelity and told me that I needed to go back to the house since there were screams emanating from my house. I rushed back and found a shocked crowd thronged in my house.
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  • It was all true. My wife was sleeping with the farm supervisor every time I left them having breakfast but this day, I had caught them due to Doctor Mugwenu’s spells. It was so horrific seeing another man stuck in her and when she saw me, she just started crying.

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