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She Said Nigerian Youths Are High On Drugs But See What Mojisola Alli-Macaulay Did On Her Birthday. | MadNaija

She Said Nigerian Youths Are High On Drugs But See What Mojisola Alli-Macaulay Did On Her Birthday.

She Said Nigerian Youths Are High On Drugs But See What Majisola Alli-Macaulay Did On Her Birthday.

The members of Lagos state house of assembly had gathered hours ago to discuss on how to manage social media in Nigeria as they felt it has recently being doing more harm than good in the country. There have been previous discussions on this particular topic as Lai Mohammad has been calling for the regulation of social media but this time the members of the house of assembly were tackling the issue.

One of the members of this meeting in the house of assembly was Mojisola Alli-Macaulay and she said things during her speech that got a lot of Nigerians angry.

Hon. Mojisola told other members of the house and Nigerians at large that the Youths are drug addicts who get high all the time. They get high before coming online to post some terrible things they post on social media and that’s why she is afraid of getting her children phones.

She went on to tell the assembly that unemployment isn’t an excuse for Nigerian Youths to be violent and destructive because she once studied in the UK and their unemployed Youths don’t behave in such a way over there.

However, the fact that she said that Nigerian Youths Are High On Drugs got many angry as they tackled Mojisola for not speaking about Lekki Shootings or those who died from SARS and police brutality but rather she’s calling the Youths drug addicts.

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It is good for a leader to be transparent and accountable in all they do. Hon. Mojisola called out the Youths on drugs and unemployment but she did something not so exemplary for a woman in her position.

During her birthday on the 10th October, it was reported that Hon. Mojisola shared COVID-19 Palliatives as souvenirs to her parting guests.

These Palliatives that were shared as souvenirs were what was meant to be given to the people for free. So why would she share such on her birthday? It’s wrong.

People were starving during the lockdown and these Palliatives were hidden only to be shared on a birthday making it seem like you’re doing the people a favour. Those Palliative rightfully belongs to the poor citizens.

If Hon. Mojisola is calling out the Youths on their bad behavior then she needs to set herself straight and be of good behavior as well. You don’t correct people and still end up doing things worse than what they did.

See Photos of the COVID-19 Palliatives (noddles) that Hon. Mojisola shared as souvenirs on her birthday.

Below is a clear view of what is written on the noddle carton Hon. Mojisola shared on her birthday. You can see COVID-19 is written there.

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