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"Save My Marriage, Help Me Beg My Wife" 9ice Appeals To Fans After He's Caught In Cheating Scandal | MadNaija

“Save My Marriage, Help Me Beg My Wife” 9ice Appeals To Fans After He’s Caught In Cheating Scandal

Singer 9ice who have been trending online for a couple of days for the wrong reasons is appealing to his fans to help him save his marriage.


In the footage which is currently trending, 9ice admits to cheating, apologized and made passionate appeal to his fans to help him save his marriage, help him beg his wife. He said he wants this marriage to work and admits his wife is his strength and backbone behind the scene.

He also admitted that one thing that is most important to him is his family and that he has done a terrible thing and apologizes for his wrong doing.

Meanwhile, trust Nigerians they never forget. A video clip from an old interview 9ice granted a TV show “Moments” have been dug up. Although the date of the interview was not stated but 9ice in the interview admits he would cheat in Marriage, with the excuses that there are more women than men.

“Imagine I am married and stick to my wife, so many women will be without husbands, so it is my duty to help the society…I want 20 children and I have 4 now, will you (pointing at one of the TV show guest) give me the remaining 16 Children? ” He shockingly revealed.

With this revelation, where should his fans start their appeal to his wife from when he has already preinformed us that cheating is an obligation he must fufill.

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