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Did He Do It? See How The Pope Is Linked With This Racy Dressed Lady Which Has Led To Investigation | MadNaija

Did He Do It? See How The Pope Is Linked With This Racy Dressed Lady Which Has Led To Investigation

The Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church worldwide who all other Bishops, Priests, Church leaders and members of the Church look up to as a model and he gives spiritual direction to them all.

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As such, the Pope is a symbol of holiness who stands between the Church and God to provide spiritual leadership on how best to practise the religion with a view to pleasing God. The Pope is usually given the title ”His Holiness” to point out the fact that the Pope is seen as a very upright, disciplined and holy man of God who leads the way in doing God’s will so that others especially those in the Catholic denomination will follow.

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Now, there is a trending news of how the official Instagram account of Pope Francis ‘Franciscus” liked a sexually-provoking picture of a Brazilian model known as Natalia Garibotto.

It is not clear whether it was the Pope or his social media handlers that mistakenly liked the picture. Or if his official account was cloned or hacked to do that disdainful act of liking such sexually provoking picture that represents all things indecent and racy.

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To unravel what would have happened, the Vatican has launched an investigation to know how and why the Pope’s official Instagram account actually liked the raunchy image which has drawn global attention as the indecent and racy dressed model has continued to draw more attention that the Pope has ”liked” her picture as a sign of ”endorsement”. She went on to post on Twitter that even if her mother does not like her for that, she herself ”would be going to heaven” as the Pope keeps tapping the ”Like” button on her almost nude photo.

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Apart from the Pope’s official Instagram account that ”liked” the racy picture, over 114 thousand others liked the picture and that tells you how much attention the issue would have garnered around the world.

Did the Pope do it?

It is very unlikely that the Pope would like such indecent and half-naked picture. The Pope and his social media handlers know what that would mean in view of what the Pope represents. So, it is very unlikely that he or his handlers would like such picture. Something might have gone wrong somewhere.

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In fact, from the way Natalia is drawing attention to the fact that the ”Pope’s account liked” her almost nude picture and she is passing it off as a sort of endorsement, one would suspect foul play. Consequently, the investigation that the Vatican has launched will go along way in revealing what actually happened. Was it a hack, clone or what? There must have been a foul play deliberately aimed at making that mischief to drag the name and image of the Pope into it. Time will tell as the investigation is progressing.

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