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SHOCKING! See Notorious Thief In Edo State Who Uses Charms To Steal | How He Was Caught Will Shock You! | MadNaija

SHOCKING! See Notorious Thief In Edo State Who Uses Charms To Steal | How He Was Caught Will Shock You!


There have been many stories of people using supernatural powers to get what they want.

Many of these people are accused of using these alleged powers to commit crimes by taking what belongs to others to enrich their own pockets.

An unidentified young Nigerian man has been named in the category of people who take what does not belong to them by any means possible. This young man was accused of stealing from residents in Benin, Edo state.

According to reports, the young man was caught on camera speaking into an alleged charm he reportedly planned to use on a victim.

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The young man had been tagged as someone who terrorizes Benin residents by stealing from them. He was also accused of using charms to support his criminal activities in other to have easy raids. It was alleged that he uses his charms to make victims for asleep while he steals from them.

However, after he allegedly stole from twenty-five houses with ease, he was finally caught on camera using one of his alleged charms. The security camera revealed his identity and also caught him with a charm.

This is not the first of such cases that has happened in Edo state. In April last year, a young lady was caught after allegedly stealing valuables from a birthday party she was invited to in Benin city, Edo state.

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According to Marian, after the theft, Aisha left the hotel where the party was held and fled to Warri in Delta state. She was tracked down and the stolen items found in her possession. Read what was shared on Facebook below about the incident:

Never knew charm exist until yesterday, she was invited to my sister’s birthday party yesterday she stole me and my younger sister phone Samsung galaxy A8 and Samsung galaxy S6 stole my atm card.

My wig ,our wristwatches, and successfully hacked my account, not knowing when she was sent to collect something from my room she collected my room card key, after we slept off not nothing she later used the key to open the door and stole our valuables using charm to put us to deep sleep.

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He continued by saying; ‘Haba Aisha hacked my account with her boyfriend and transfer the money to other account quickly left the hotel by 4am this morning and run to warri with my things,and this morning she did not off my phone because she was receiving alert and also withdrawing it Aisha my money is not complete o u must complete my money cos I worked hard for it ,and pls friends.’

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