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He Was A Snake After 2 Years Of Our Marriage - Lady Cries | MadNaija

He Was A Snake After 2 Years Of Our Marriage – Lady Cries

He Was A Snake After 2 Years Of Our Marriage – Lady Cries

I have heard countless stories that sound mysterious, but I don’t know that one day I will share my story. I am married to the love of a lifetime I met in a supermarket and he is very cool. We met while shopping in the same section. I wanted to choose from the various brands of detergent on the shelf. He approached and pointed to a detergent there. He said that it smelled very good and the clothes were clean, so I was very happy, so I picked it up and we started talking. This is how we met.


He asked for my phone number and we started talking and dating. I haven’t met his family, but he is very cute. We fell in love and started planning our wedding. I asked someone to see him, but he avoided the question because I love him, so I didn’t think much about it. What surprised me on the wedding day was that he came with his parents and some family members. I was very happy. We moved together and it was fun all the way.

One day he went out. I searched the whole house for the key to that small room and finally saw it. I went downstairs and opened the room. What surprised me most was that what I saw confused me. I saw a snakeskin that looked like it had fallen off recently. I am scared, but I made up my mind and it was cool to play. I wanted to ask him, but I didn’t want to cause any embarrassment, so when he was about to do the regular prayer, I fell asleep. Then, when he walked away, I opened my eyes and started following him without his knowledge.

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He didn’t look back and kept walking when he opened the door. I walked away to see what he was doing, and to my surprise, he fell to the ground as if his life had been taken from him.


I wanted to run to see him, but I waited to see what else would happen, he began to twist like a snake, and then suddenly became a snake. I was shocked, I wanted to scream, but I covered my mouth with my hand, and tears started to fall from my eyes. Then he walked from the small room to our garden and moved on his stomach.

I was very scared, so I ran upstairs to answer the phone and call the priest, but to my shock, he had already reached the room. Lying on the bed, I started screaming, but he begged me to stop and told me he was sorry for not telling me all the time. He said that he always wanted to live like a person, but he didn’t have a chance before he found a way out. He said that the opportunity he got was a price, and the price was that he had a child. Then he begged me to be with him, and he told me that he would turn back into a human and never become a snake again.

I asked him about the weddings of the people he brought as his family, and he said that they were also snakes asking for human help.


I am confused because I still love him very much. I don’t know whether to report the problem or bring him back because of love for him, please give me suggestions.

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