For justice, this is what you MUST do:

  1. Do NOT bathe.
  2. Do NOT change your clothes.
  3. IF the animal used a condom and you have it, do NOT destroy it.
  4. Do NOT go to the Police FIRST.

Let me explain why:
On your body, in your clothes and inside that condom are very valuable DNA, skin and semen evidence that will help prove rape. If you change your clothes, if you bathe after, if you discard the condom; you destroy evidence that can be used to jail the rapist.

Do NOT go to the Police first. Go to a hospital ASAP immediately the rape happens. The doctor can examine you, can take precious samples of DNA and semen which can prove the case, can record physical evidences of an assault and forced sexual encounter. Do you get the logic now?

After you are done at the hospital, go to the Police immediately. You can then make a report. But you MUST go to a hospital first so that EVEN IF you want to take some time to get over the trauma before involving the police, there is a hospital record and the evidence is intact.

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Where can you go? IF you ever get raped in Lagos (or someone told you they are raped): call 08155770000, 07013494769, 08187243468, 08125152683.

Don’t change clothes or bathe: (it’s to keep DNA evidence intact). Go STRAIGHT to Mirabel Centre (it’s inside LASUTH Hospital in Ikeja).

Mirabel Centre is a free Rape and Sexual Assault Centre here in Lagos

They offer:
Free mental support for Rape Victims
Free evidence collection (including DNA samples to help secure actual justice)
Free pregnancy and STD testing
Free emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy.

ONLY after you are done at the Mirabel Centre, then please go to a Police Station to make an official report. That’s because the Police will still need to take you to Mirabel Centre (or to a hospital) if you haven’t already gone there yourself. So don’t make the journey longer.

These remain the three CORRECT steps to take after a Rape incident:

  1. Go straight to a Rape Support Centre (if in Lagos, go to Mirabel Centre).
  2. Make a report at the Police Station.
  3. And IF you know who the abuser is, engage a lawyer immediately.
    The earlier, the better.
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It is definitely not easy to think logically and immediately after such a horrible incident. That’s why I’m hoping you save all these steps on your phone now. Please, write those numbers somewhere. You never know when it would help someone. Kindly share for others.
Thank you 🙏🏿


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