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Story Of Anomy; A Call For Revoluation | MadNaija

Story Of Anomy; A Call For Revoluation

I call on our youths to confront the challenges of our era by rising up and speaking out for the birth of a new country. We are the ones being governed, all policies made are at our own detriment so why shouldn’t we stand up to make decisions that affects us?. The last time we had a president was the last time a hen grew a tooth . Most of us needs to be enlightened, we are all ignorant literate that knows how to read and write but don’t understand what the book is trying to tell us.

Wait, listen, pay attention to what the wall is saying, can you hear that distant cry? Its mourning our loss and endurance. We can all live a comfortable life without passing through the phase of hardship but that’s a personal decision we make for ourselves by standing up to take what’s ours.

A silent revolution needs to take place but that can only be possible with a large number of wise youths that knows what’s best for them. We all need to push aside competitions and work together as an entity to flush out ancient drivers and take over the wheel.

There’s a major problem facing most of our youths and that’s the habit of not reading. We all don’t know we are suffering because we don’t know what’s going on in the world.. The world is moving at a very fast pace and we wouldn’t meet up if we don’t do the right thing now.

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This revolution that’s to take place is an individual revolution. We need to improve ourselves individually as a person .We are all far behinds people that cares more about fashion rather than our knowledge. We need to be educated literate that’s aware of his/her surroundings. We can control our government from our space we don’t necessarily need to take over power to achieve that. We can decide to leave the country behind and grow our own nation of enlightened people.

Do we know that our country is viewed globally as an underdeveloped country ? This country does not need any national development what it needs is individual development. We the citizens have primitive mentalities that’s drawing our state down and making us seem under developed. We need to change how the world views us but that change starts from us “the youths”

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