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I Was Surprised About What My Female Teacher Told Me When I visited Her - See Photo | MadNaija

I Was Surprised About What My Female Teacher Told Me When I visited Her – See Photo

I Was Surprised About What My Female Told Me When I visited Her – See Photo

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My name is Brian Bright, an Ss3 student, 17 years old. I come From a family of three, My dad my mum, and I the only child. My parents are employed and work in a bank. Though different banks. And due to the nature of their work am always left alone at home with no one with me.


So one day, on a sunny Tuesday to be precise, my parents were all at work as normal and I was alone at home. Just finished taking breakfast I was looking forward to a better day but everywhere was just too quiet and boring. So I decided to go Visit my teacher maybe she could take me to some lessons since there was no school.

I dressed up and started going to her house. Her house wasn’t too far though and I was on my bicycle so I reached her house on time. When I arrived I was a little confused about her particular apartment but with the help of her neighbors, I found it. I knocked, as she reached out for the door she was quite surprised to see me, she was not expecting me. I quickly greeted and told her why I came she welcomed me inside her apartment, gave me something to eat, though I was not in the mood to eat, she persisted.

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Then she started teaching me Maths cause I had little difficulty in it back in school. We spent about an hour learning then she said she was tired and she begged me to help her tidy her room before I leave. She then called me into her room she was lying down and I was shocked what I saw


She then tried to seduce me and told me it’s not a big deal that nothing much will happen. What if I agree I will come out as one of the best students in our school

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I need your advice guys what do you think I should do, please?


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  • Hello, my dear friend, at a time like this, let me tell you truly. You are in danger, all you need is Jesus. The most Powerful Savior. If you can accept Him today as your personal Savior and commit your life totally to Him. He is ready to deliver you from all evil the woman may trying to do. Else she will hurt you, for those with evil spirits hate one know their secret and not join them. And if you join them your is bitter. Pray to God as you are reading this coment. Jesus able to deliver you from her yokes.

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