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If Tinubu can Drop Ambition and Back Any of These 4 People, Power will Return to Southwest in 2023 | MadNaija

If Tinubu can Drop Ambition and Back Any of These 4 People, Power will Return to Southwest in 2023

The 2023 presidential race has reached a juncture where the interest of certain people needs to be jettisoned for mutual achievements. Another presidential election is steadily getting closer, without any doubt, and gladiators are currently warming up to put their hats into the arena. From all signs, because of the incumbent edge over any other political parties in the country, the All Progressive Congress, which is the central party, has a stronger advantage in maintaining the presidency. Similarly, owing to the fact that the incumbent occupant of Aso Villa will drop the mantle of leadership as required by the constitution, there is a possibility that the ruling party will create more presidential candidates for 2023.


If there is little to go through in the APC zonal agreements of 2014, by then southwest region should be prepared to welcome the party ticket before the general election of 2023. There is currently only one of the region’s leading candidates, the former Lagos Governor and APC national chairman, Asiwaju Bola Hamed Tinubu. While Tinubu is not yet officially declared to be interested in running for the apex office, there are signs and greenlight pointing to the fact that he breathes down his neck for the ticket and could crush anyone who tries to prevent him from achieving his ambition, especially from his area. Any sacrifice must be made for the power to return to the Southwest as expected by the APC constitution. It is important to lose any expectations, and Tinubu needs to stoop to conquer.

It is true that to make this work, he is financially capable to drive the vision and politically strong. But the Jagaban needs to pause and contemplate its present position as it comes to national acceptability. Tinubu’s political stature has dramatically shrunk globally, except even those who love him continue to betray him. And this is why, to push the Southwest agenda for 2023, he has to look within and consider any of these Thoroughbred specialists.

1. Akinwumi Adesina

The President of the African Development Bank, Adesina, is currently completing his second term in office. No one would doubt his ability to carry the country to the next level from the giant strides he took while working as the federal minister of agriculture. His AFDB presidency would be a positive opportunity that will help him thoroughly navigate the country’s economy from the current rough terrain to another level. If elected as President in 2023, this is what main politicians such as Tinubu will never accomplish for the country.

2. Babatunde Raji Fashola

If granted the privilege, the former Governor of Lagos still has a great deal to offer the country. For not boasting of major successes in the Ministry of Works and Housing as well as power where he holds authority as minister then and now, Fashola should not be crucified. He was only a government appointee who was only allowed to function in compliance with his employer’s dictates. Nigerians would have felt the effects by now if Fashola were to be given a free hand to work much as what he had in Lagos. His success in Lagos is a reflection of how far he could go if he ruled over a nation such as Nigeria.

3. Professor Yemi Osinbajo

Nigeria’s vice president is a very successful commodity that Nigerians are yet to explore at maximum potential. Osinbajo knows the problems and woes that actually undermine the economy, aside from being a sound SAN. But based on the fact that he is liable and accountable to his principal, there is nothing he can do. The professor of law knows the appropriate button to press to get the government back on its feet again if he is constitutionally elected as president of the country.

4. Kayode Fayemi

The Governor of the State of Ekiti has been at the frontline of a greater Nigeria since the 1980s. He had gone into exile before he entered politics while attempting during the dark old days to stand against the maladministration of dictators. Fayemi has what it takes to lead Nigeria out of the woods as an older Ph.D. in foreign affairs, defense, and strategic studies combined with his political background around the country. What Nigeria wants to get to work is not a political heavyweight at the forefront of affairs or an accomplished politician. To make things happen in all fields, the country needs an experienced technocrat and thoroughbred specialist, and this can only be done if a politician like Tinubu can lower his ego for the mutual benefit of all.

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